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  1. spindr123

    Replacement Petcock

    Bolt it on and give it a try. Otherwise, you can try CMS (cmsnl.com). I am restoring a 1975 XL125 and had the same issue. They had nos of the oem petcock. Good luck.
  2. spindr123

    XL 125 rebuild break-in?

    Just finished restoring my high school bike, 1975 Honda XL 125. Complete tear down, including engine. It has a new piston & rings,new clutch pack, new primary gear, new points, new timing chain, and all new seals & gaskets. What procedure should I follow to break-in the engine properly. I've seen conflicting ways to do it. Thanks.
  3. spindr123

    1975 Honda XL 125 rebuild issue

    So I pulled it apart again and found I was missing the inboard 14mm thrust washer for the shift shaft. Hopefully that solves everything. Thanks for the help.
  4. Restoring a '75 XL 125 and have an issue with the shift lever locking up after installing the right side crankcase cover. I replaced a few broken parts in the trans, then installed all parts and double checked for correct operation before connecting the cases. Then installed clutch and parts on the right side of the motor, again double checking my work, and insuring that shift lever still hits all gears. Lastly, installed the right side cover and tightened the bolts, alternating back and forth to ensure even tightening. Go to check shifting and it is locked up. Removed the cover and it frees up. I am at a loss for what might be causing this. Any ideas?
  5. How critical is the bowl float level adjustment in a Keihin carb on my XL 125. I have replaced the float with a new one, along with all jets, and it measures off by 1 mm on the two sides of the float. Manual says 24mm is correct height. When one side measures 24mm, the other is 25mm. Float is the original type, soldered brass round float. Should I get another float, or is this common with this type of float. If I stay with the current float should I set the height at 24/25mm or 23/24mm? Thanks.
  6. spindr123

    1975 XL 125K1 gauge isolation rubber - ideas?

    Hard to say what they were like when new. Now they are flat and dried up rubber. I have seen some for other bikes that looked like they were formed rubber that went around the bottom of the gauge and came up the side a bit. Mine look like they where more of a rubber shim between the metal base and the plastic gauge bodies. I'll probable try some sort of caulk, maybe using some rubber inner tube shims at the base.
  7. Doing a complete restoration of my 1975 Honda XL125 K1. Everything is going well and having surprisingly good luck finding the replacement parts that I need, with the exception of the isolation rubber that goes around the bottom of the speedo & tach. What are others using as replacements, as i have not found any oem replacements. I was thinking of silicone caulk or old inner tubes.