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  1. Thanks, D. I will check all the items you listed and any other similar things I can think of. I could measure the chain for stretch as well. If it looks new then I guess it's low enough hours that it essentially is.
  2. Hi all, I have a chance to get a good deal on a '17 YZ125 from a dealer who is willing to do a trade for my street bike. Supposedly the bike has only one hour. I asked the sales guy how he knows and he said that's what the hour meter reads. Apparently the original owner (returning vet rider) bought it, rode it once, and decided to get a four stroke. I'm wondering whether there would be some tell-tale signs—without tearing into it of course—indicating whether indeed the bike has only one hour or if maybe the hour meter was installed sometime after the bike had already been ridden. I haven't seen the bike yet. Sales guy said it's cosmetically perfect, so that would be one indication. I have no reason to doubt him either, but I like to verify for myself when I can. Thanks for any help or suggestions.