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  1. Little_tacogirl

    2009 KX100 top end

    If all it needs is a new top end the shop can do that for around 200 bucks. So really you would be getting an alright deal. Assuming it only needs the top end done. An 09 kx100 is 1789 dollars on kbb.
  2. Little_tacogirl

    Lets see your backyard tracks!

    My next door neighbor has a sweet back yard track. His dad used to be pro and they have always let us ride there. Im super thankful! Ill have to take some better pictures when it warms up a bit
  3. Little_tacogirl

    Time to move up from my kx100?

    What is RC by the way?
  4. Little_tacogirl

    Time to move up from my kx100?

    Thanks for your help everyone. From my understanding to lower the pegs you need to cut the frame and weld it. Will that make me lose ground clearance? Im going to check out bar risers. I mostly ride on the track, and I do love the weight of my bike.
  5. So Im wondering if I would be able to move up to a 125 of a 250 bike. Im 23 and only 5'2. Right now I have a YZ 85 and a kx 100. I can handle both fine I just feel a little cramped sometimes. I have rode a yz250f and hardly can touch the ground. I like the power but I need to be able to atleast start the bike... should I just stick with the minis? Id like to try to race the local open womans class but i feel silly on a mini.