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  1. Freakyfast08

    Can really use some braking tips

    the smokers have no engine braking right? so what would the benefit be of not pulling in the clutch? probably a stupid question, I assume the bike would just feel more planted?
  2. Hey guys just wondering what are some of your favorite "raw" or no music riding videos. 2 or 4 stroke doesn't matter they both scream One of my favorites
  3. I always bring the most common tools, screwdrivers, pliers, a big and small crescent, Of course 8mm through 14mm sockets and always a hammer. never know when you might need to beat something Spare Oils, spare filter, WD40, grease tube, Zip-ties (saved me more than once), spare levers, almost anything I have on hand that I think I might possibly need. My buddies make fun of me, because im 22 and "Prepare like a grandma" but Im the one laughing when they ask me for something! lol
  4. Freakyfast08

    I've been challenged

    p sure he snapped his collarbone also
  5. Freakyfast08

    Is it possible at 42 to ever be a B rider.

    Not saying this to sound like a douche but... "If you really want to do something you will find a way, if not you will find an excuse. " even if you can come up with room for small figure 8s or devote a weekend to clearing out the old quad turn track! Anything is better than nothing the more comfortable you feel with your bike the more the speed is going to come naturally. And dont ever count yourself out, mindset is at least half the battle in its own. "He who says he can and he who says he can't are both usually right" Goodluck to ya!
  6. Freakyfast08

    I've been challenged

    I still think he should have to do it on the ttr
  7. Freakyfast08

    Are you faster on a 2 stroke or 4 stroke?

    I feel really fast on a 125 but its only because your always wide open lol. def faster on a 4 stroke though.
  8. Freakyfast08

    I've been challenged

    I just read 9 pages of this crap, WTF soupy? y u no play in puddle?
  9. Hopefully he doesn't get a ticket or anything. A warning would do, its not like he hurt anyone or intended to. Instead of finding this guy they should work at finding the thousands of drug induced nodders, and drunks that are probably 100x more likely to hurt anyone on the road than this guy.
  10. Whenever the go pro angle is too low it hurts my neck to watch and im constantly trying to look up LOL! ^ that chest mount view is perfect In my opinion
  11. Freakyfast08

    Double Decker Bike Storage Lift (pics!)

    Seems like a great way to free up a little space plus the stand itself seems to compact nicely. Well built and nice job man!
  12. Freakyfast08

    Best local suspension shop (CO)

    Ill look into this more thank you! Yeah I talked to them the other day and it seems so far they have the best pricing. Airborne quoted me at near 950 Im out there a lot actually in the process of moving from that side of the state out towards the front range. Ill give them a call tomorrow morning and see what we can work out that sounds pretty nice to be able to test on site. Yeah I'm waiting to hear back from them on a quote. I hear nothing but great things.
  13. Freakyfast08

    Best local suspension shop (CO)

    Looking to do a respring and revalve soon, decided to just stick with my bike due to financial issues. Its way over sprung for me and is just overly harsh all around. Considering sending it off to factory connection or possibly pro action. But first I wanted to consider some local places, I've heard about Hitchcock, Vickery and I guess race day performance but I heard it is closed. Any recommendations would be awesome, I ride mostly mx and some desert and sand here and there. Travel isn't a big deal. Thanks
  14. Freakyfast08

    Noob hitting the MX track

    you did great for your first track day man. yeah swapping up your lines makes you faster in quite a few situations. Especially for racing buddies
  15. Freakyfast08

    Noob hitting the MX track

    Looks like a pretty cool track! Could use a good watering but at least you had it to yourself. Looks like your doing good, remember after a couple laps switch your lines up. That up hill triple looks like fun