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  1. I have had my 1990 dr250 for about 5 months now. Was running great last time I parked it, and then let it sit for a month. Took it out this week to start riding again, and I have the following shifting problem: 1st gear - Lugs really hard and will kill motor unless I ride the clutch and rev real hard till about 15-20mph. (almost feels like i am trying to start in 3) Difficulty getting into 3rd, often it won't at all. No 'clunk'/engagement when going from 2 into 1. (it previously would make a clunking engagement feel/sound when shifting) Pushing down from 1 does not hit a stop or anything - just feels like shifting to another gear without ever having the shifting 'clunk' - or actually downshifting It does shift from 1 - N - 2. (and makes 'clunk' going into 2) and from 2 - N - 1 Mine is a 6 speed (my manual says it should be a 5 speed). What is my likely problem? any ideas before I start tearing it down? I hate to tear into it as it runs really strong otherwise.