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  1. Pat Kinsel

    CVK40 airbox boot

    Success! Got my squirm on! Love the extra oomph.
  2. Pat Kinsel

    CVK40 airbox boot

    I give it another go tomorrow with the silicone but man that thing needs to stretch to get on. The wintergreen and alcohol sounds awesome but I'd hate to have it down a week. Thanks guys.
  3. Pat Kinsel

    CVK40 airbox boot

    Think I'm going to do this with a 3" K&N and ditch that whole airbox. If it fits by the shock that is.
  4. Pat Kinsel

    CVK40 airbox boot

    Trying to install a cvk40 and having a heck of time getting the airbox side boot on. The cvk is a full 1/8" bigger diameter then the bsr. I've got the boot and carb out of the bike and heated the boot up and can barely get it on but it don't want to stay on for nothing. Any tips?
  5. Pat Kinsel

    Electrical no-start issue

    Well it looks like there should be a sidestand relay plugged into that 7 conductor plug. Must have fallen off on the way to work. Can't find it anywhere.
  6. Pat Kinsel

    Electrical no-start issue

    Bike will start and run fine when solenoid is shorted.
  7. Pat Kinsel

    Electrical no-start issue

    Hey guys got one I need help on. Was replacing the headlight with the led one and got it mounted ok bike started right up and ran good. However when backing bike up to park it the steering locked up early when going one direction. When trying to start it after that no go. It's not battery (fully charged newer battery). When checking up front under headlight cover saw the reason for the steering lock up. That big black connector had slipped down against the stop. It looks ok no broken wires. Here are the other symptoms. With the key on headlight is on but the neutral light will not come on and the turn signal light won't either. Side stand switch is bypassed. All connectors behind headlight are connected. Thanks for any ideas.
  8. Pat Kinsel

    New MRD

    Seat Concepts not sure if low or not. It was on bike when I got it.
  9. Pat Kinsel

    New MRD

    Got my MRD exhaust today and all I can say is wow is this thing nice. Super nice build quality and sounds awesome. Going to break the neighbors in with the quiet insert for a while.