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    04 TE250??? BuY?

    I am looking at a 04 TE250 on Craigslist to buy. He wants $1,500 for the bike and all the plastic looks good with pretty new tires. If I do regular maintenance(oil changes etc.) how reliable is this bike. What do i need to look out for in this model year?? Thanks!!
  2. avtoutdoors


    Thinking about buying my first dirt bike. I am 17 6'4" and roughly 200lb of muscle. I was looking at a 2010 KX250f http://siouxcity.craigslist.org/mcy/5971817546.html. What are some of the common issuses? I will be doing mostly trial riding with it. Is there any other good bikes for cheap? I would prefer a 4 stroke engine.