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  1. tyleryz125

    03 yz 125 won't shift

    But I put it all back together just like the Yamaha manuals show for that bike...I don't understand it...I also watched numerous videos on how to put it together
  2. tyleryz125

    03 yz 125 won't shift

    It had been split when I got it and only had the gearing the case...the drum and cam forks were laying in the box...along with the shifting parts on the clutch side of the case...I tried moving the two shafts to maybe help the shift drum to move and shift but it took everything I could give it just to shift it once
  3. tyleryz125

    03 yz 125 won't shift

    I got the bike in parts and had to put it together myself... take in mind I done the same to a 95 kx 250 and it runs like a brand new bike... I'm new to the whole dirtbike scene so naturally I went only off the downloadable manuals and for some reason I still can't get it to shift even while it's apart... I'm thinking the shifter lever problem y'all talked about in the 05 models is my problem...
  4. tyleryz125

    03 yz 125 won't shift

    I have an 03 yz 125 that won't shift...I looked at diagrams on the shift cam forks to put it all back together and looked at diagrams for the selector shaft fork and everything is put together just like it said but still won't change gears