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  1. Also got a picture of the vin number on headstock if this helps thanks
  2. Hi thanks for the comments I actually purchased the bike last week and it's had a lot of work done to new top end all bearings seals done runs a pulls great the guy I bought the bike of said it was a 95 and I was just wanting to double check with people on this forum there's a vin number on the headstock but it's only got 16 digits which I thought was strange because it's usually 17 I think thanks again
  3. Hi there I'm new to the forum and pretty new to dirt biking.i was wondering if somebody would be able to help me out I've just bought an older cr 125 to get me started in this great sport im struggling to identify the year of the bike I've been told it's a 1995 but would like to know if some of you guys agree I'm planning on ordering new plastics and other bits and bobs for the bike and just wanted to make sure I was ordering stuff for the right year of bike il list a picture aswell if that's any help thanks again