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  1. Rosifumi

    Hard to Start TPI (AUS)

    dropped it back at sop today and they just got notification of another new map to help with the cold start so fingers crossed it should be better
  2. Rosifumi

    Hard to Start TPI (AUS)

    Hey Guys Have just put 6 hours on the 300TPI and from new, it takes a few (3 or so) 3 second hits of the starter button with the choke out to get going. Choke in or out doesnt change the results and this is after riding it the day before and in the middle of the Aussie summer so pretty sure its not ice cold. I just had KTM do the warranty service and have called them today to say I'm not happy with it and will drop it back in for them. Maybe they can release different maps but is this something that everyone is seeing or is this isolated to my bike, or is there some secret that i dont know Any help would be appreciated Cheers Rosifumi
  3. Rosifumi

    Picked up new 300TPI today in AUSTRALIA

    Hey Bowser, Just starting out on the enduro stuff, but the property near mudgee has a lot of fire trails and now i can go beyond that and up to some other places nearby. Newnes sounds cool and may look to do some around there in the near future Yep have no probs recommending Mal either..... Cheers Muffintop got plenty of gear too
  4. Rosifumi

    Picked up new 300TPI today in AUSTRALIA

    Cheers Guys, Took it out today with a couple of mates onto some local fire trails and i can't get the smile off my face. One mate saying it throws rocks hard lol, but yeah did a little over 60kms today and was impressed with the torque and how simple it was to get on the pace in the wrong gear or even crawl up some steep rocky hills. Happy to say the least....
  5. Hey All, After reading reviews after reviews and a tonne of youtube vids finally i picked up my 300 TPI today in Sydney Australia. I had actually put a pre-order in for the Husky TE300I but changed at the last minute due to the pricing and peer pressure from the MRS and Son who also ride KTM's (and the local KTM shop is 5kms closer lol) Riding history has been limited to a few road bikes such as NSR 250 and a 2000 R6 and 12 months ago after buying my son a KTM 85sx (2013 model) i purchased my first dirt bike being a 2013 KX250F. The time had come for me to ride some more local trails instead of the 380 acres 3 hours from home near Mudgee NSW and thought the 2T was the go with the injection and somewhat lesser maintenance (KX has had valves serviced 20hours ago and needs again b4 i sell GGGRRRRR). Story goes that they (MRS AND SON) had been saying all along get a KTM and last Monday (unbeknownst to them) i rang Suttos in Penrith (local KTM SHOP) confirmed they had one for me then rang Husky, cancelled my preorder (as they still not in country) and then ordered through KTM. Driving to KTM this morning with some weird excuse that i needed something for the young fella's bike and had helmet in car because Husky had managed to get me a demo (even though that was BS too) and on the Suttos Instagram page they had 3 300TPI's to go out today and i said to them that the middle one was sexy and what i would order blah blah. Walk into KTM 5 mins later say G'Day to Mal (store owner) look at them both and said is that mine MAL with 15K cash in my hand (mind you i then hand to the young fella) and they are both standing there astounded............ Was pretty cool to surprise them!!!! So sort out the paperwork, check out the small mods of the bash plate, acerbic guards, carbon pipe guard and the map switch and then finally get the nod to head off and meet them at home. Ya wouldn't believe it but after living here for 40 years i turned the wrong way (cough cough) and took the long way HOME as its registered (of course). Initial thoughts are too early as its only been on road but already plans to go Bush tomorrow with 2 mates and will have a better idea then. Anyways hope you had a good read and a have a good weekend Cheers ROSIFUMI