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  1. gitenby

    KTM Gas Caps - Just a Rant!

    Put a little DC4 on the o-ring, 2x a year, smooth as silk
  2. gitenby

    Gaerne vs Sidi fit

    I wear size 9.5-10 wide, had to go 11 on the SIDI and still snug
  3. gitenby

    DID VT2- what am I missing?

    That's right, I didn't account for the plating color
  4. gitenby

    DID VT2- what am I missing?

    Bought the bike '15 KTM 500exc with 1700 (all road) miles, all original including tires Look again; "Chain DID 118 ROLLS"
  5. gitenby

    DID VT2- what am I missing?

    The VT2 was originally on my 500
  6. gitenby

    DID VT2- what am I missing?

    That’s the original chain on my 500
  7. Besides two links, why $30 difference price advantage through KTM? It should be the same DID VT2, what am I missing
  8. I do the best I can with WD40 and that’s all I do. It’s going to get just as dirty on the next ride
  9. gitenby

    Buying Used. Tips and Watch-outs.

    I'm the second owner with my '15 500exc, fantastic bike
  10. gitenby

    Is My Bike Idling High?

    It's sounds lean, back your idle screw out some so it doesn't have any influence then turn your air screw in (CW) a 1/4 turn at a time to richen it up but then adjust for throttle response. Lastly adjust idle screw
  11. gitenby

    2013 500 exc smoking on startup

    Does it use any oil? Could this white smoke be moist condensation burning off? Personally, I would not throw any parts at it until a leak-down test was performed. I've witnessed this also at cold temps and my engine uses no oil and has a <2% leak down.
  12. gitenby

    Regrets Buying a New Motorcycle?

    High credit score only means you stay in debt, pay interest to others to maintain a high credit score. Save your money, buy what you can afford. That’s sound advice that will make you wealthy while others are still in debt keeping their credit score high
  13. gitenby

    Regrets Buying a New Motorcycle?

    For everyone that buys new, THANK YOU!
  14. gitenby

    Regrets Buying a New Motorcycle?

    Always patient, always used, always cash, always satisfied...very satisfied...absolutely friggin satisfied, big ol grinning satisfied
  15. gitenby

    Does my rear suspension look too soft?

    Your SAG adjustment result will tell you if you need a spring, SAG first