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  1. gitenby

    2016 500 EXC has too much power

    Ride a gear high, squeeze with your legs and learn to control the throttle
  2. gitenby

    2014 KTM 500 EXC Clutch issue

    This is the vid I used, awesome background music btw
  3. gitenby

    2014 KTM 500 EXC Clutch issue

    I had issue that my clutch would begin to slip after the bike got good and hot, I bled till the cows came home, then I replaced the clutch, rebuilt master and slave and still had the same slipping clutch. I found the fix by searching youtube, Take the slave off and squeeze it by hand and watch the air purge up to the master cylinder, you'll be amazed. What stumped me was I figured if I had air in the line it wouldn't disengage but I believe what happened was the air trapped in the slave was getting hot and expanding causing the clutch to slip
  4. I've always been paranoid in unknown waters of swamping and damaging my engine due to hydraulic lock. I've seen many bikes submerge but we've always got them going again, maybe damage is so slight it's never noticed such as a slightly bent rod. ...so has anyone witnessed engine damage from someone swamping their bike?
  5. Possible the Sheriff doing the shooting? or son-in law
  6. gitenby

    Fuel pump/pressure

  7. I never noticed before but after I turn the key on and the fuel pump stops, if I turn the key off and immediately back on, the pump again comes on for a couple of seconds. It will do this every time I toggle the switch. I can't recall if this is normal, I figured once the pump was at pressure it wouldn't run till the pressure bled off. Do I have an issue? I just replaced my fuel filter and may be over thinking this Thanks guys
  8. Have you checked your SAG?
  9. Let me guess, now you have the munches
  10. gitenby

    Blown motor seal

    You're not going into the bottom to have a look? I'd be torn with that many miles but then it's most likely ok if oil changes didn't show any thing
  11. I am getting old, I'll never get used to this math they're using nowadays
  12. gitenby

    Chain broke and broke front chain guide.

    What bike do you have? Three fingers typically
  13. gitenby

    Chain broke and broke front chain guide.

    You already have two spacers on those long screws, cut one of those down to fit and use shorter screws. The long screws were only needed the factory chain guard cover that is usually removed to keep mud from building up
  14. gitenby

    Chain broke and broke front chain guide.

    I would grind the surface flat then add a spacer to replace the broken area, then replace the guide or make a new one
  15. gitenby

    anti seize

    It's wet or lubricated torque vs. dry torque Yes, back-off but unless you're using the OEM service manual, be very careful because torque value charts are for the fastener, not the material the fastener is going in so be very careful. personally I just go by the service manual and only go wet torque when called for. https://www.fastenal.com/en/83/torque-calculator