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  1. So I'm trying to buy a new set of front plate and side plate graphic kits. And I'm finding these on eBay fully customizable for quite a bit cheaper then on the main websites. Now some are saying fiits 10-13 or only 15-16 or 09-13. Now I have a 2016 crf250r I'm wondering what year was the latest plastic change to the front and side plates? Because the 2013 are a lot cheaper then anything that says 2016 but if the plastics are the same shape then why not save 20 bucks and get the 2013? So I'm just wondering if any of you know what is the farthest year I could go back on my 2016crf250r with the side and front plate withought any changes to the shape. Thanks
  2. Eqm541

    Kickstart won't budge

    @OLHILLBILLY alright I'll go try to bump start it when I get a chance to and I'll respond with what happens thanks!
  3. Eqm541

    Kickstart won't budge

    So I was out at the track one day on my older bike I had just picked up a couple months before when I bought it everything looked great I just changed the oils and air filter and added coolent. And then when I went to get back on the bike and start it the kickstart won't budge like it's just stuck in place. I went home and did a little research and people were saying if you find metal shavings in the oil filter it will need a cam replacement. Sure enough i looked and it had metal shavings or what looked to be metal shavings. I was just wanting to know if anyone had any other thoughts on what it could be. Either way I'm sure it's going to be a extremely pricey fix if I have to bring it in to have the shop do it. So I'm hoping it's more of a easy diy fix. Any ideas of what it could be or if it is the cam replacement kinda what tools and cam I should buy the bike is a 05 crf250r
  4. I recently found out my bike needs the cam shaft replaced. I was wondering how much would the average mechanic cost to have him to do it or if it's easy enough for me to do it myself. I don't have the best knowledge of the engine . My bike is a 2005 crf250r
  5. Ok so I have a question I'm racing a arena cross race in a couple weeks and this will be my first one. I was wondering kinda how you jump the doubles(not sure how big they are) when there right after a corner. Should I be in a higher gear like 2nd going into and out of the turn? Or should I be in a little lower gear like 3rd I'm assuming I won't hit 4th because it's arena cross but really any advice would be great. I have a 2016 crf250r if that helps thanks!