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    Gas stuck in right side of tank?

    Having just recently acquired a 2005 300 EXC. This is a topic that has been eating at me. Looking at the over slung tank design it seems that sooner or later you will have to tip the bike over to the left. Which seems to be the consensus. Well, in this day and age that just seemed plain silly to me. So, I started going through all kinds of solutions in my mind. I had almost added a crossover tube to the tank, but the boys at IMS talked me out of it. They said that if you ride in rough terrain (it is a dirt bike) that the gas just magically moves to the left side. Magically? Like dirt magic or space magic I'm just not sure, but also not convinced. As this question comes up fairly often. So my mind did more of what my mind does and here is what I'm going to try. Fuel tank foam My thought is that, yes, when riding there is a lot of fuel splashing around in the tank. Add some foam to the left side of the tank just over the hump. As fuel splashes it will soak through the foam and stay on the left side. The foam will act as a baffle preventing it from splashing back to the right. Unless you lay it down on the right or something. Again, this is an unproven idea, but I'm going to give it a go and I'll report back once the weather gets nice.