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  1. Adam Campbell

    2019 YZ250F Dirtiest airbox ever ?

    If you are getting dust/debris behind the filter while the engine is running, you are running it through the engine. I suggest you fix that immediately. As already suggested, try more oil and any or all other suggestions to solve it. Know this: You may think the inside of the engine looked fine during a rebuild but, when debris enters through the intake track it mixes with the oil and is now every where in the engine.
  2. I have seen hundreds of those style clutches and they all look similar. I chalk it up to normal wear and tear, not damaged. Do you understand the force the judder applies to the drive disk? It's enough to to start that groove in a relatively short period of run time. I'm not saying to not replace it, it's normal wear and tear. On my personnel equipment, I remove the judder assembly and install one standard driven disk in place of the driven that is larger I.D. to accept the judder assembly.
  3. That is normal wear. If the clutch operates correctly and is within in service limits you can reinstall it. Think about it guys, what is the judder spring supposed to do and what is it supposed to touch?
  4. Adam Campbell

    What caused this?

    Could be one of several issues; 1. Check assembly procedure. Make sure everything was where it was supposed to be. 2. My bet is simple, fatigue. How old is this bike and how many hours are on it? 3. When it broke the case, how was it to kick? Did it kick back? May be a timing issue.
  5. Adam Campbell

    Ironman final race tv schedule...seriously?

    Now that my friend is the whole truth...
  6. Adam Campbell

    Staightening forks

    Do the outer tubes slide fairly easily in the clamps now? If so, twist them around a little, then pull the clamp up to the stop and push/pull on the forks in the direction you want them to move. I only say this since you have the wheel off. You could use the advice from above and put the wheel on if you have it and use it for leverage.
  7. Adam Campbell

    Need some pointers for clutch adjustment...

    Adjust some free play out of it and see how it feels. Basically you don't want the throw out bearing to be applying pressure to the pressure plate while not pulling on the clutch lever but almost zero clearance will not hurt anything and will allow a sooner disengagement of the clutch. Also check the basket and inner hub to make sure the plates are not hanging up due to wear.
  8. Adam Campbell

    Plug chop pic inside. (Opinions welcome

    It looks just a hair lean to me based on the pic. My opinion may change if I saw it in my hands. Based on the pic and your seat of the pants feel/sound (if it were me) I would check it with one step up on the main just to be sure. I also would check it at 1/2 throttle to verify the needle circuit, dial that in and do the rest based on feel and sound if you want to short cut it. If you don't want to short cut it, chop one at each 1/4 throttle increment and get it perfect. Then you can tweak it based on the weather and how you want it to feel. Of course this could be a good training tool for you to learn what a bike sounds like when it is too rich, too lean, or spot on. Then you will be able to jet one based on sound and you will be surprised how close you can get to perfect just based on the sound and feel.
  9. Adam Campbell

    Is this plug lean?

    You need to chop it to know for sure.
  10. Adam Campbell

    A little transmission implosion

    ATF has friction modifiers in it... but in the opposite direction of today's current low friction engine or trans oil. ATF adds friction to the clutch pack.
  11. Adam Campbell

    What's wrong with this bike !?

    You need to KISS it! Keep it simple stupid. Basically it means do not over think it, slow down and handle the basics first. In my opinion here is where I would start with this bike if you brought it to me; 1. Remove the fuel source, empty carb, and try to fire it off either. 2. If it fires you know your problem is in your work with the carb. If no fire there is most likely collateral damage from dismantling it. Such as a loose pin fit in an electrical connection. If I suspect this I would check every connection that has to do with ignition and every inch of the the harness. 3. Try the stator off the other bike. The more I think about this problem it sounds like a stator issue. Of course I am taking into consideration all you have already tried and I think this would be my first three steps. Remember there is a big difference between making an engine run and tuning one for a desired performance.
  12. Adam Campbell

    Yamaha YZ 125 clutch Problems

    If you have never worked on one before there is a good chance you don't know exactly what you are looking for as far as the basket and hub goes. My guess is you have a severely worn basket and or hub. May want to take it apart and give us some pics.
  13. They are pressed in steel bushings, meant to keep the swing arm through bolt from wearing on the engine cases. You could heat the case and pull them out if you wanted or needed to for wear reasons. They come in new engine cases. If you wanted to replace just the bushings you would need to make your own or have them made. If not worn too bad, polish them and grease upon reassembly, same goes for the through bolt.
  14. Adam Campbell

    2004 YZ125 Rear Shock Bumper

    If your the one that took the forks apart, you are most likely capable of rebuilding the shock also. You could follow the recommendation given earlier about slicing a new bumper and safety wiring it on, or riding it without the bumper as long as your are not bottoming aggressively, or you could bleed the bladder pressure off and remove the clevis. Install the new bumper and refill the bladder with a high pressure hand pump, the pump for a mountain bike fork or the current MX air forks. Look up the pressure, should be somewhere near 150 psi. The air we breath is 70% nitrogen, your bladder, shock, and you will never know for as long as your bike is usable. ... But yes, rebuild it asap or have it rebuilt asap.
  15. Adam Campbell

    2013 KX 450f problem

    Yours sounds like a valve lash issue. Have you checked the valves lately?