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  1. I just bought a 96 xr600r. Love it so far. I'm in castle rock
  2. chad44

    Rear master cylinder problems. HELP!!!

    I stripped down the cylinder and put it in my ultrasonic cleaner and it looked brand-new. I also stripped the O-rings off of the piston and put it in there as well and now it works like a champ.
  3. 1996 xr600r I'm doing a master cylinder rebuild this weekend because my brakes were locking up and not releasing. When I tore apart the master cylinder I noticed that there is a pilot hole in the cavity where the tube comes down from the reservoir. It looks to me like there are supposed to be two holes in this cavity but there's only one hole all the way through and one started but not through. The guy I bought it from said he was having problems with the rear brakes since day one. And could never figure it out. If both of these holes are supposed to be all the way through them that would explain it.
  4. I just bought an 96 xr600r and wondered where you ended up on jetting and needle setting? I live in castle rock Colorado. It has a white bros pipe and I just bought a uni air filter.
  5. chad44

    Colorado jetting

    Cant find any Mo to PM.
  6. chad44

    Colorado jetting

    Just bought a 96 xr600r and looking for jetting advice for rampart range area. I live in castle rock. Thanks
  7. I just picked up A 1996 XR 600 R that had been sitting for a little while and I'm tearing down the carburetor and debating on throwing it in my ultrasonic cleaner. Has anybody done this? What were the results? I take it removing all O-rings and gaskets and everything and breaking down the carb as far as possible is recommended. Any input would be great
  8. chad44

    CRF450r or xr600r?

    The XR was $2000. It literally looked brand new. The odometer has 500 miles on it. The frame and case has zero marks on it. The pipe was still black with no rust or anything. I can't believe the shape it was in. I bought it. I went to look at the crf450r and it was rough. Didn't run well. He was asking 2700 for it.
  9. Hi, I'm new on the forum and I'm looking to buy a bike. I grew up riding 2 strokes and loved they way they felt. It's been 10 years and I'm 37 now. I am worried the 600 will leave me wanting more bike and the suspension is lacking but have nothing to back that up. I'll be using is for trail and some road. Both bikes I'm looking at are in great condition and are around the same price. The crf450r is an 08 and the xr is 1996. Both are already street legal. I love the fact that the xr is bullet proof supposedly. Which bike would be best? Thanks. I'm leaning towards the crf450r but a buddy is pushing me towards the xr. I know they are different animals. I'm just torn.