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  1. If I do it myself I'll just buy the special tools and hold on to them. I plan on owning a bike for a long time so it makes sense to invest in the tools. Ill look into your video I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy it then and just try to it everything I can myself. thank you
  2. I was actually just looking into this video last night. I've been watching tear down and rebuild videos and I feel like it's something I can do. Im sure I can borrow some tools. I might even buy some. As long as I don't screw up I'll still save a bunch of money even with buying the tools over sending it to someone.
  3. Mhmm ok. Any ideas on what may cause that besides jetting? i am going to grab a manual. I've been watching a bunch of videos all night. I think I could do some of this stuff. I'm just worried about messing something up but I'm going to dig deeper into it all and look jeep watching some videos. I would really like to do it myself so it's an option I suppose. thank you for the info
  4. it's in the plans but not an option right now.
  5. So I just purchased an 01 kx250 two stroke. The bike starts first kick but definitely has some issues. Im not a mechanic and don't have much knowledge or tools so I need to find a reliable trustworthy place to get my engine rebuild. I don't trust anyone locally. Im not sure whats wrong with the bike but I rode it around today and I noticed some problems. First and foremost there is a ton of sponge which I know tends to be more of a jetting issue, but there really is A LOT. Second when the bike is in neutral, when I pull the clutch and put the bike in first if I don't keep the revs high it will stall, it doesn't seem like the clutch is 100% engaging? Third when I try to take off the bike bogs or just flat out stalls. I really have to give the bike a lot of gas and keep letting on and off the throttle to keep the bike from stalling. Fourth it definitely sounds like there is come rod knock which worries me a little. Fifth after I rod the bike around a little and ran through the gears it starting making a hissing and squealing sound. The sound was very loud and I don't know what it was at all. As soon as it happened I limped the bike back in 2nd to my car and stopped riding and put it back in the garage. Finally when I was going at faster speeds and started slow down with engine breaking it occasionally sputters seems like it wants to stall out. I am looking to have the whole top and bottom rebuilt. I honestly have no idea whats wrong with the bike I want to replace everything that needs replaced and refresh everything that needs refreshed. Im thinking the top and bottom fresh and possible the gears/trans. My question is wheres the best place I can take or have my motor sent for this service? I don't care much about high performance parts I just want to bike running like new again, if a certain aftermarket part is a better option for equal or lesser value ill do it but other then that my stock 250 is enough bike for me, right now. One of the places online I ran across was eric gorr but that seems more like a performance builder, any opinions or reviews on them or anyone else? Most of my riding is 1-3rd slow technical trails but I do like to get on it from time to time, if that makes a difference. I am open to any advice or information about parts or services anyone can offer. Are there any good top or bottom end kits I can buy that will help save some money? I don't want to be cheap but if I can pinch come pennies and save some cash that would be awesome. Thanks guys.
  6. Sfg561

    Where to buy 07 kx250 head and parts?

    Thank you for the info. After some more questioning and consideration I decided not to purchase the bike.
  7. I'm new to dirt bikes, I rode a lot when I was younger but I haven't ridden in over 10 years so I don't know the places to find parts. I am considering buying an 07 kx250. It doesn't have a head on it. So I will need to get a new head and all it's parts. Where can I source a head and the parts for an 07 kx250 2 stroke? I don't mind if some parts are aftermarket or performance parts it doesn't really have to be OEM Kawasaki. Just looking to rebuild the bike and get it running and everything again. I will probably also need a carb I don't believe it has one of those either. it has the bottom end and all it's internals but maybe I should refresh the internals of that while I'm at it as well? I appreciate any help and advice you have or can give. thank you.