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    2007 kx250f idle/low bog

    I just picked up a 2007 kx250f. It just will not run unless the idle is extremely high. I have heard the idle is a little high on the kx compared to other bikes but it is really extreme and when idling high it pops a little bit. I have checked all the valves, they are all in spec according to my service manual. I have had the carb apart and soaked it in pinesol/water solution. It did only idle with the choke pulled out and would cut out real bad. After the pine sol trick, it runs pretty dang good except it bogs or wants to die at idle or close to it. If i turn the idle up, it doesnt bog and runs very good. I checked the hot start, it isn't sticking and appears to work just fine. I am at 500ft above sea level, here's my jetting specs...main-180 pilot- I am at 48 because I can't find a 45 and it works way better than the 40 and 42 I have tried. This sounds way high to me. 55 leak, and the mixture screw is about 2 turns out. The mixture screw doesn't make much difference with the 48 pilot but more touchy to adjustments with the 40-42. Also want to add, it generally starts with 1-2 kicks cold or 2-3 hot (using the hotstart.) I have checked for air leaks and exhaust leaks with no success, when riding there is a little pop on deceleration, but not excessive. I have a new airboot from the carb to head ordered, just to be safe more than anything. The filter is clean and the carb is the cleanest of any bike or atv I've ever had. The thing is driving me nuts...Any ideas would be appreciated very much.