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  1. nickrideshonda

    19-something ktm 600 won't/hard start

    Jets were cleaned, we could see through them. Maybe your right about the piston. Would having it sit for so long cause it to seize though? And I wonder if I could still find a piston ring for something that old lol. Compression is still there if that helps at all.
  2. Okay guys. I have an older ktm lc4 600. Left side kicker (ugh) and compression release. It's my dads bike, and has been sitting for around 10 years now. It sat in a shed of course. Anyways, we brought it up, cleaned the carb, cleaned all the old gas out, and got the piston moving again (it was basically seized when we got it up). Kicking that thing is a nightmare. Even for a 200lb man like my dad, you can get 3-4 good kicks then you need a break. No luck kick starting it whatsoever. So we decided to try bump starting. I towed my dad behind my truck and he actually got the thing started. It ran for around 3 minutes, wouldn't idle for shit, and the engine died. Have had no luck starting it again. What's my next move?
  3. nickrideshonda

    CRF250R Craigslist bike

    Yeah checking the valve clearance is definitely my next move. I'm going to buy the gauges this weekend. I'm assuming that's the starting problem. as for the idle, Kind of. It does idle much better at high rpms when it's cold. But sometimes it's just uneven like it will go up and down up and down. But once I have the bike totally warmed up there's not too much of a problem, it will idle low. So I think I may have answered my own question there; time for valve adjustment/replacement. Right?
  4. nickrideshonda

    CRF250R Craigslist bike

    Okay so I'll make this short and sweet. I bought an 05 CRF250R on Craigslist. When I got the bike, it ran okay, but definitely hard to start and not a lot of pop. The guy had told me it was time to get the valves shimmed. This is my first bike over 125cc, so keep in mind I'm totally new to this all. Anyways, there was oil slowly leaking somewhere from the engine, so I found out it was coming from the valve cover. Took that off, the seal was pretty beaten up. Plus the guy had basically folded the seal when he put the valve cover back on. Okay, so I got a brand new seal in, and it actually seemed to fix everything. Started in 1-2 kicks, no more leaking, so I think I'm in the clear. I've been riding the bike for about 2 weeks and the only problem is with the idle which can get kind of uneven. I cleaned the carb out (broke the hot start plunger while I was in there haha) and still have an occasionally rough idle. So, what can I do to fix the idle? Also, can a loose valve cover cause hard starting and loss of power?