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    Yz 125 Fouling plugs at random times???

    For anyone who runs into this type of problem, it ended up being the top end, not a carb or spark problem. Took the top end and the cylinder and piston were pretty marked and scared up.
  2. Matt Feldbauer

    Yz 125 Fouling plugs at random times???

    I was thinking about trying with float height and needle clip? or anything electrical I should look out for?
  3. So I have a really odd scenario here. We picked up a 1999 YZ 125, and it runs great through the woods. Decent feel we like it! The odd thing is after about an hour and a half of riding when you are coming on a straight stretch, and really getting on it in the power (WOT 3-4th gear) it random kills itself! Locking the rear tire up screeching to a halt if you don't grab the clutch. And it will keep doing it after as well. Weird thing was you can start it up after it does it if you bump start it. When you pull the plug it smells bad of gasoline. Would it foul instantly at WOT? Really stumped on this. We checked the kill switch and even removed thinking maybe it had a short but it didn't help. Its done this the past three rides now not sure what the issue is. Anybody have any advice?
  4. Matt Feldbauer

    Kx65 wont rev past idle

    Ended up getting it up and running today! another quick story, I had tried everything now, cleaned and checked every nut and bolt possible. Turns out, mr mouse decided to crawl his way into my header and make himself a solid nest. Started it up without the header and lo and behold, it started right up. no problem. cleaned it out, and now it runs like a top!
  5. Matt Feldbauer

    Kx65 wont rev past idle

    what would be something to look at with the reeds? I will be getting a compression tester to check that tonight as well.
  6. Matt Feldbauer

    Kx65 wont rev past idle

    nobody? any ideas at all?
  7. Hey guys so i have a pretty interesting scenario going on here. I got a used kx65 on craigslist that needed the bottom end rebuilt, couldn't really hear it run because the knock from the crank and bearings was so bad, so i replaced the crank, bearings, seals, and gaskets. (In my college apartment living room) Bike started in a few kicks! Here is where it gets interesting It starts up totally fine but anything past idle, it really spits and sputters, and past half throttle it wants to cut it out completely. I tried cleaning the carb once, checking the plug and it looks to be burning fine, adjusting the clip position on the needle jet up and down both ways, new gas. Could it be possible the top end would cause that? I did put the old piston in it but it didnt have much sign of wear, but I could be way off. Or is there some stuff I should try first again? Cleaning the carb again? Im open to any and all suggestions! Not willing to give up now, its so close to being done! I have rebuilt quite a few bikes now, 4 and 2 stroke so i have a decent amount of fix it know how, just really stumped on this.