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  1. Does anyone know where to see the 125 race? I thought they said it would be on the app but it’s not. Really wanted to watch that.
  2. Hit Diamond mill last weekend
  3. Albany MX in Albany and Mtn. View MX in Sandy are your best options.
  4. Good to hear that it performs well in our terrain. I’ve been looking at the 390RR-S, overall sounds like a great bike? I plan on using it for 90-95% trails with the occasional ride to work in summer and possibly once a year for 2-3 day ADV rides that are 80-90% dirt. Do you think it would work ok for that? Have you ridden it on the road very much?
  5. Looks like a beautiful day of riding. I love riding that area. How are you liking the Beta?
  6. It is a Race Tech spring and it is marked 672746. I looked on Race Techs website and its a 4.6kg spring. I plan on setting it up for my weight which is 180lbs in full gear. And race tech recommends a 4.9kg spring for that. Which leaves me with a 4.8 or 5.0kg spring. I am new to tuning suspension, so if this bike is going to be ridden in the woods mostly by newer riders (around my weight and height) which spring would be a better fit? I’m also likely going to revalve these to be more suited to woods riding as opposed to MX.
  7. I just looked and it looks like it is a Showa shock. So possibly somebody swapped the whole suspension from a 250?
  8. All of the late model CR125’s had KYB forks, and late model CR250’s had Showa. Just assumed that they were from a 250 from looking at pictures.
  9. Hey guys just started going through my 05 CR125 that I’ve had for a while, getting it ready to teach my friends that don’t have bikes to ride interested in the sport. Anyways it just occurred to me that the forks on this bike are not from a 125 but appear to be from a 250. They’re Showa but don’t have any other markings on them. Is this a better setup than the original forks? Picture for reference
  10. Most people wear them over their jersey
  11. Do you have much experience riding this area?
  12. I got the same ones for my 2016 yz250f and they took some work to get them fitted. I had to grind down the clamps to prevent interference with the forks. Then I put them in the ends of the bars first and bent them to the clamps, they flex pretty easily so not too big of a deal.
  13. From what I've heard it should be pretty dry from Thursday into the weekend, I'm itching to get out but wouldn't want to tear up the trails.
  14. Anybody know what the conditions are like in the Tillamook?
  15. Heres a short clip from Saturday.