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  1. PNWbrad

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    Diamond mill yesterday
  2. PNWbrad

    Items stolen in TSF

    Wow haha that’s ridiculous. People amaze me
  3. PNWbrad

    Items stolen in TSF

    I think you mean standard capacity mags [emoji6]
  4. PNWbrad

    Items stolen in TSF

    This is what I used to do, had a 4runner that I put my hitch carrier on. Unfortunately I don’t have space to store a trailer and I always ride with a buddy so truck bed is the best option for me. But I never had a problem with stuff getting stolen with the 4Runner!
  5. PNWbrad

    Items stolen in TSF

    Someone told me that after they unload their bike then put their ramp on the ground and drive one tire over it with their truck to keep it from going missing
  6. PNWbrad

    Items stolen in TSF

    That’s what I was thinking but maybe they were just trying to grab everything as quick as possible without really looking at
  7. PNWbrad

    Items stolen in TSF

    Yeah I hear you man. Gonna be checking online for my stuff to pop up.
  8. PNWbrad

    Items stolen in TSF

    Went for a quick ride with one of my buddies after work last night, parked off of hwy 6 near browns camp and got back to the truck to find that someone stole my ramp, stand, gas can, dirty work clothes and my work boots. Needless to say I was pretty pissed. It was all the dirty stuff I didn’t want to put in the cab and I guess I learned my lesson. I don’t know why they wanted my work boots I ended up having to drive home in my MX boots! Anyways just wanted to remind you guys that there are A-holes everywhere and to lock your stuff up when you go riding.
  9. PNWbrad

    Who's coughed up for the streaming pass

    Does anyone know where to see the 125 race? I thought they said it would be on the app but it’s not. Really wanted to watch that.
  10. PNWbrad

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    Hit Diamond mill last weekend
  11. Albany MX in Albany and Mtn. View MX in Sandy are your best options.
  12. PNWbrad

    Oregon Spring-like Conditions in February!

    Good to hear that it performs well in our terrain. I’ve been looking at the 390RR-S, overall sounds like a great bike? I plan on using it for 90-95% trails with the occasional ride to work in summer and possibly once a year for 2-3 day ADV rides that are 80-90% dirt. Do you think it would work ok for that? Have you ridden it on the road very much?
  13. PNWbrad

    Oregon Spring-like Conditions in February!

    Looks like a beautiful day of riding. I love riding that area. How are you liking the Beta?
  14. PNWbrad

    05 CR125 with CR250 forks?

    It is a Race Tech spring and it is marked 672746. I looked on Race Techs website and its a 4.6kg spring. I plan on setting it up for my weight which is 180lbs in full gear. And race tech recommends a 4.9kg spring for that. Which leaves me with a 4.8 or 5.0kg spring. I am new to tuning suspension, so if this bike is going to be ridden in the woods mostly by newer riders (around my weight and height) which spring would be a better fit? I’m also likely going to revalve these to be more suited to woods riding as opposed to MX.