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  1. Hey Guys New here to TT but whenever I'm in doubt, I always find what I'm looking for as a non member. Hey my question is about the possibility of using a 2000 carb on a 2001 that was recently have replaced. I bought the bike in a box and it did not come with a carb I went back to the shop and he hooked it up with a carb off the shelf so I'm not 100% positive if it was from a 2000 or a 2001 to begin with. It starts well and runs good but i was wondering if there is a major difference that i should be concerned about. The only problem I encountered was that the bike didn't want to idle perfectly, so before I try to dial it in could you guys help me out? Is the only difference the jetting/needle? Are they really both PWK38s? The OEM part numbers are different.. I found these bits off of Motocross Action forum http://motocrossactionmag.com/home-page/mxa-guide-to-yamaha-yz250-two-stroke-jetting-1999-2016 2001 YAMAHA YZ250 JETTING Main: 178 Pilot: 50 Power jet: 50 Needle: N3EJ Clip position: 2nd from top (3rd stock) Air screw: 1 turn out Yamaha increased the mainjet for 2001 to a 178 from 2000’s 175, because the cylinder head volume had changed from 22.0cc to 21.5cc. 2000 YAMAHA YZ250 JETTING Main: 175 Pilot: 50 Power jet: 55 Needle: N3CW Clip position: 3rd from top Air screw: 1-1/2 turns out (1 stock) Notes: First year with PWK38S Keihin carb with TPS and power jet. Thanks a bunch, LEEL