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    Keihin FCR Dumping Gas

    First time this happened to me was on a yz250n. Ended up replacing whole carb via ebay.. Started out slowly, got worse, rebuilt, pulled it out and cleaned it many times. Put float height to spec, changed needles, new float, needle valves, was extremely depressing. Kept reading ''change the seat'' i think it was as a common fix to a lot of carbs, to find out there's no seat on the parts list.. Still got it in the garage in a box somewhere. May have been just normal wear and tear? Fast forward- My buddy gave me a dirt model carb off a DRZ400 with all necessary parts to swap. it would be an upgrade compared to my SM model carb obviously. He says it dumps gas and he rebuilt it w/ new parts twice already and gave up. Any advice on what could cause this problem with a fix perhaps? Or do carbs without replaceable 'seats' just wear metal until they eventually fail? Not sure if this one has a seat gasket or not like the case with the Yamaha.. haven't looked into it much yet. Would it be not advised to soak in a bucket of gas for a day or two? I think soaking in break cleaner or something similar would be ill advised. Thanks
  2. Leel_015

    Carb Question

    Hey Guys New here to TT but whenever I'm in doubt, I always find what I'm looking for as a non member. Hey my question is about the possibility of using a 2000 carb on a 2001 that was recently have replaced. I bought the bike in a box and it did not come with a carb I went back to the shop and he hooked it up with a carb off the shelf so I'm not 100% positive if it was from a 2000 or a 2001 to begin with. It starts well and runs good but i was wondering if there is a major difference that i should be concerned about. The only problem I encountered was that the bike didn't want to idle perfectly, so before I try to dial it in could you guys help me out? Is the only difference the jetting/needle? Are they really both PWK38s? The OEM part numbers are different.. I found these bits off of Motocross Action forum http://motocrossactionmag.com/home-page/mxa-guide-to-yamaha-yz250-two-stroke-jetting-1999-2016 2001 YAMAHA YZ250 JETTING Main: 178 Pilot: 50 Power jet: 50 Needle: N3EJ Clip position: 2nd from top (3rd stock) Air screw: 1 turn out Yamaha increased the mainjet for 2001 to a 178 from 2000’s 175, because the cylinder head volume had changed from 22.0cc to 21.5cc. 2000 YAMAHA YZ250 JETTING Main: 175 Pilot: 50 Power jet: 55 Needle: N3CW Clip position: 3rd from top Air screw: 1-1/2 turns out (1 stock) Notes: First year with PWK38S Keihin carb with TPS and power jet. Thanks a bunch, LEEL