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  1. Hey guys got a free pit bike from a friend. The payment is a wiring headache lol. the key switch was broken so I removed it and tried to essentially hot wire it “ guessing which one goes to what”, that’s a what those frayed wires are in the picture below. After nothing I slide the cover down to find the switch wasn’t even plugged into the system and I have no idea what goes where those are the other pictures I’m not really sure what to do from here any idea on what goes where up top before I start trying to connect ignition wires Also it’s sat for 11 years so there is amazing amounts of corrosion so any of these could be the cause of no spark as well as the wiring
  2. Hey far reach but any one in oc know of any metal ramps
  3. Awh im down near lbi running out tracks everyone in the woods here is gone lol
  4. Where’s this at?
  5. Sounds good
  6. Ok
  7. It’s all good thanks doc
  8. Thanks that’s the one I was gonna get thanks for the help again this is the same bike from A few weeks ago
  9. Any link? I think I can salvage my crank still
  10. Alright thanks
  11. A whole kit from weisco is under 200
  12. Tell you what when I crack the case in a few weeks I’ll let you know thanks very much
  13. How much?
  14. Now the bike pretty old would you think it’s a bad idea to replace the whole crank assembly? I’m just thinking it’s probably close to its end wouldn’t be too expensive considering I’ve got around 400 dollars laying around to put into the bike. If I got oem crank which is a big IF as I have had a hard time getting oem pistons and gaskets in the past. What can be done for the cylinder and what makes the vertex pistons so good I was considering one after I couldn’t get a oem piston
  15. Alright now what to do with the bottom end