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  1. brando brap@youtube.com

    Help upgrading from CRF230

    Honda cr’s aren’t that good especially 2000s cr’s don’t commit to brand loyalty it’s not going to benefit you search what bikes are in your price range and research the year and how long they where made in that same set up, example a 94 bike bike might be the same as 98 so you have 4 years worth of parts. I’ve had many different bikes and I don’t see where people get Honda my bikes are so reliable I’ve never seen it
  2. brando brap@youtube.com

    Looking for riders around Cumberland County, NJ

    Tons of riding spots in ocean I can pm you some as a younger rider out here I don’t mind telling older people especially parents places to ride that are safe as I didn’t have that when I started and had enough run ins with cops just trying to ride We are still out here most local cops are sympathetic
  3. brando brap@youtube.com

    1980 PE175

    My bike also has fuel and spark and 180 psi compression, for certain old bikes especially two stroke race bikes like the pe there is a certain way to kick them I’m still trying to find out what it is for the pe I don’t think the carb is the main issue
  4. brando brap@youtube.com

    1980 PE175

    Me too!! If you need help or parts lmk!!!
  5. Not a modification or anything but even after so many I love rebuilding the top and bottom ends and generally restoring old bikes putting a oem part from 30 years ago back onto a bike and it’s looks like it was exactly on the show room 30 years ago it’s a cool feeling
  6. brando brap@youtube.com

    Best year for a kx250f

    09 -12 is good carbureted but good 12 on is good for efi
  7. brando brap@youtube.com

    2009 rebuild

    Anyone have the section the manual that covers the top end valve specs and all that it’d be much appreciated
  8. brando brap@youtube.com

    Places to ride in New Jersey

    How about ocean county uses that money to fix our &%$#@!ing painkiller problem my a kid that was best friends life just got ruined Bc he parents got hooked our county needs to fix some major issues before the deal with people having fun
  9. brando brap@youtube.com

    Places to ride in New Jersey

    Well I’ll stick to my spots that I know are safe and keep it at that
  10. brando brap@youtube.com

    Places to ride in New Jersey

    Yeah last time I heard about them they got stuck in a small amount of mud at the Lacey quarry and had to be pulled out
  11. brando brap@youtube.com

    Places to ride in New Jersey

    Really I was always told the owner didn’t mind if you stayed where the jumps are and by the track part on Sunday’s. Any other day of the week is a different story as it’s a active operation
  12. brando brap@youtube.com

    Wire headache

    Sorry for the late reply, but I never said there was an electric start. There is a key switch that acts as a double kill switch Either way I ended o replacing the wiring harness
  13. brando brap@youtube.com

    Places to ride in New Jersey

    Is sahara open every Sunday?Like as in open to ride in the back section by the jumps away from the main operation
  14. brando brap@youtube.com

    Wire headache

    Hey guys got a free pit bike from a friend. The payment is a wiring headache lol. the key switch was broken so I removed it and tried to essentially hot wire it “ guessing which one goes to what”, that’s a what those frayed wires are in the picture below. After nothing I slide the cover down to find the switch wasn’t even plugged into the system and I have no idea what goes where those are the other pictures I’m not really sure what to do from here any idea on what goes where up top before I start trying to connect ignition wires Also it’s sat for 11 years so there is amazing amounts of corrosion so any of these could be the cause of no spark as well as the wiring
  15. brando brap@youtube.com

    Ocean county riding buddies?

    Hey far reach but any one in oc know of any metal ramps