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  1. Sounds good
  2. So got a new bike a yzf 400 haven't ridden it in a trail yet I let it idle and it's pissing fluid out of the weep hole once warmed up this is a common issue right? How do I fix it
  3. Hey tt I made a good or bad choice idk yet. Thing runs nice I guess leaked coolant ordered a new gasket. Anyway coming from lighter smaller two strokes. How in the hell am I going to manage riding this and not killing my self. I like the extra power so someone can hopefully give me some tips on how to handle a bike that large?
  4. Damn it I'll look on eBay if I got radiators for 28 maybe I'll find a cheap one
  5. Ok can you sand it though?
  6. Yeah true idk re plateing is expensive they plates did look good I'll get a better look later anything I can do for the cap it's all ripped up Can you sand that?
  7. Ok so just took the cylinder cover off so just need an opinion it's obvious this needs a new piston right?! Metal every where Cylinder looks ok I'll take a Better look tomorrow. But yes the piston has no use marks or carbon build up but it's ripped up so it must have blown up am I right? Also is that cylinder cover o ring supposed to be that messed up?
  8. Np
  9. Getting on the plane now to get home won't be in my house till 10:00 est
  10. I'll have to Saturday put a pic in the chat of the Tube bc my bike has two tubes Ik one is for the exhaust the other one might be too they are right next to each other
  11. Yeah buddy I've had my bike down for a month at one time it sucks that's why i work hard to keep a few around
  12. Thank you you'll hear back from me when I take a crack at it
  13. Ok I'll come back to this thread Saturday
  14. Ok sound good what are the signs?
  15. Yeah maybe I'll have to crack at it when I get back but I would like to have a plan to look for somthing. Could the fail and not fall off too?