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  1. 450pole

    2010 YZ450f Setup recommendations

    Thats a great Idea as well. I am excited to break down my fuel economy.
  2. 450pole

    2010 YZ450f Setup recommendations

    Just found a Clarke 3.3 Gal tank. And bought two 1 ltr fuel bottles to carry in my pack. Snows just melting at home so will be testing my mileage soon. Any bolts you would recommend locktite on specifically?
  3. 450pole

    2010 YZ450f Setup recommendations

    It will be the 2017 Ktm 450xcf
  4. I am playing around with my suspension finding a solid set up for fast desert and logging road style riding. I have always wondered what makes a suspension tech so great. I have ridden bikes with pro tech'd suspension and it makes a world of difference. I want to know what they do that we as weekend warriors cannot in our own garage.
  5. I have a tuner for my 2010 yz450f, I am looking for mapping recommendations for racing in the desert.
  6. 450pole

    2010 YZ450f Setup recommendations

    I am racing the Baja1000 for the first time this year on a team. All of the guys I am racing with have years of experience and have raced on teams and iron manned the race. Most of the guys I will be racing with have KTM or Hondas but I myself have the 2010 Yamaha YZ450F. I am looking for any recommendations on setting the bike for baja. I am an advanced rider, my style is somewhat aggressive, I weigh 180lbs and am 6'1. I am looking to maximize my fuel capacity, connect a light, kickstand, and tires. I am curious about gearing, and mapping for the bike as well as any other ideas you want to throw my way.