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  1. Anyone have any experience with either of these heads? My valves are are on the smallest shim and not holding adjustment. Figured the extra performance of an 07 250r head would be nice. Both heads include stainless intake and exhaust valves, springs, etc, and the prices are within $50. Bike is an 05
  2. helidave69

    CRF250X lighting

    You dont really NEED a regulator to run a LED off the headlight circuit, just an ac/dc rectifier, which you can get for like $6. I've been running this setup for months and it works great. You get a little flicker at very low idle, but adding a capacitor would fix that. Maybe the LED will burn out in a year, but its only $22, so who cares. rectifier lightbar
  3. I just did the valves on my 05 250x, and I'm putting in a Wiseco 13.5:1 piston. Should I expect to have to change my jetting? Current setup: CCC airbox cut, NoToil filter with backfire screen removed, FMF muffler, and JD jet kit running 168 main, red needle on 5th clip, and 42 pilot.