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    2009 Crf450r help fitting Tether Kill Switch

    Hey guys, First, here's the answer for the one that needs it : To answer jblob, I'm racing Superbike, but that killswitch has nothing to do with it. I'm training on ice with my dirt bike, and as you probably know these tires can rub into your body in an instant. Having no "tire protector" around, I thought a killswitch would be the least I can do to increase my own security... I'll post a video about dirt biking on ice pretty soon, feel free to follow me on Instagram or Facebook if you're interested ! Cheers ! Samuel Trepanier
  2. Samuel Trepanier

    What wire to cut?

    Thanks guys. I saw your reply too late but I tested and figured out. -------------- So here's the ANSWER : The 2 wire to connect the killswitch to are the 2 dual color wires. I wanted to keep the original Killswitch in order to have the MIL light, so I skinned those 2 dual colors wire and link the new Killswitch's wire to theme. One wire to the other separately. Make sure not to shorten too much any wire of your original Killswitch if you planned to keep both, otherwise you'll miss some length to replace it at its places. Tape the whole thing very tight and then spray the new wiring with some water repellent such as IPONE protector. -------------- Thanks for your help guys! P.s. if you like some superbike racing check out my website for videos! Best, Samuel Trepanier
  3. Samuel Trepanier

    What wire to cut?

    Yes, that I know... Thanks anyway ! Sam
  4. Samuel Trepanier

    What wire to cut?

    Hi guys, I need to fit a tether kill switch on my crf450r 2009. Just wonder if anyone could shed some light on how I need to fit this as the standard kill switch on the bike has four wires (2 for the MIL light I guess). The one I have only has two, so which wires do I have to cut into in order for it to work? The 4th wire we don't see in the picture is the black one. Thanks a lot! Sam
  5. Samuel Trepanier

    2009 Crf450r help fitting Tether Kill Switch

    Hey Graham, I'm currently searching the same answer... Freezing my fingers outside Have you find out what is the 2 wires to cut? Thanks in advance.