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    Where’s this bolt go?

    I think it’s the bolt that holds the cover that goes over the throttle cables on the side of the carb
  2. K4750

    After market solenoids any good ?

    If its clicking, its most likely working. I replaced a clicking solenoid on my sons 230f and it still only clicked, it was the battery. I also just last week thought I had a bad solenoid on my ktm250xc, just clicking, it turned out to be the starter. I would double check everything, including the battery under load, make sure the volts don't drop off crazy, so you don't waste your $$ and time on a part that is not needed.
  3. K4750

    Stuck rear axle 2004 CR125

    I agree with making sure the swing arm is placed against something solid. You need to make sure the force you are applying is transferred entirely to the axle. I had a stuck swing arm shaft that would not move more than an inch, then I read here about this trick and it worked perfectly.
  4. New bolt went in fine, I’m going to button it up and see what happens. Thanks everyone for all the help.
  5. I think your right. I’m going to ignore the chunk and I’m getting a new bolt that I hope will thread in without a problem. I’ll see what happens.
  6. Well Steve you win the prize!! Got the bolt out by pulling and unscrewing at the same time. Blew some compressed air in the tranny side fill hole and these gear chunks came flying out the drain hole. The good new is, wait, I don't think there is any good news. I ran it through all the gears while turning the crank bolt and they all seemed to work fine.
  7. The washer is in tact on the bolt and freely moving around. That’s not preventing it from coming out all the way. I’m thinking it’s just the leftover aluminum threads stuck on the bolt. I didn’t have time yesterday to mess with more than 5 min, so today I’ll get at it and see why it won’t come out. I can understand not going in, but come on, not out!!
  8. From what Ive read, the threads to that bolt are in the right side case, that is why that bolt is so long. please tell me how to helicoil it. I've also read tonight that you can get a longer bolt, because the hole is threaded deeper than the OEM bolt goes, and hook up to those threads?
  9. Thanks for the response, to confirm, you would still need to split the case to helicoil it, correct?
  10. Update, it appears that the bolt stripped out. I think I knew it at the time but I was hopeful that there was another cause. I'm thinking the leftover threads are stuck on the bolt and not letting the bolt come out. Is there any "easy" way to fix those threads? Will I have to split the case to fix it properly? Can you get to it by taking off either case cover? Ive been looking at the micro fiche but cannot determine what it would take.
  11. Hi, I have an 02 CRF 450R that Ive owned for about 2 years. Having learned a lot about this bike and doing all maintenance myself, today I got stumped. Time for an oil change, warmed the bike up, drained the oil side and all was good. Thought I might as well drain the transmission side also, which I've done many times, the bolt unscrewed fine but would not come all the way out. It slides out about an inch and then gets stuck. Tried pulling on it lightly with some pliers, but didn't want to yank to hard. Thought I would just screw it back in and top off the tranny side and come ask the crowd, but it won't screw back in either?? It slides in until it gets about a 1/4 inch from the case, the normal spot to find the treads, but wont hook up. Any help would be greatly appreciated..
  12. K4750

    Show Off Your 450

    You guys with all your new bikes, still rocking the 02 CRF450R. PS. I wish I had a new one.
  13. K4750

    New to me!!

    Try the seal mate. $5 and it worked for my leaking fork seals on my 02 CRF450R.