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  1. 4_hondas

    Time for a new chain?

    I have a 2016 X with about 1800 miles on it, and the chain has an annoying slap going on. I beleive it's hitting the rear chain slider, making a clanking sound. Is it time for a new chain, and should i pony up for new sprockets? What about a better rear slider? Is that a necessary upgrade, or is it just the chain? I would like to know what you all recomend for these bikes? Thanks! Love the forum BTW.
  2. Krannie........i agree on lowered bikes. I don't think we'll go that route. However, because of his weight, when he sits on the bike he is flat footed on the ground. I'm thinking about suggesting a stiffer spring. what do you all suggest, and where is the website that shows which one he would need?
  3. Oh, i think he should have one, but unsure he will be happy with it. With record snowfall in the area, riding is out of the question right now. Plus, we've struck a heluva deal on a 16 for $7500. Top heavy feel of the X? I beleive the X is much easier to ride than our old 650 Ls. No experience with the WR450, as we are Honda guys, for over 35 years now. atv's, etc... Not on anything yet, but soon will be. He's been looking at the fat cat's, or similiar. We are not impressed with overall build quality.
  4. New member, and a one year X owner. Love the bike btw. My brother and I parted ways last year with our 650L's, and went with brand new X's and are lovin every minute of it!! What an enjoyable ride with a night and day difference, comparitively speaking. My dad is 68 years old, tippin the scales at 265-270lbs. He's buying this bike so he can spend more time with his boys on the trails. While i beleive it's arguably one of the best trail bikes available today; i would like any and all advice you may have moving forward. While my dad is quite agile for his weight and age, he is no longer a spring chicken. I am concerned about him getting hurt mostly, and I am hoping his comfort level with the new ride will be good. He rode quite a bit in his younger days, and has grown up around motorcycles pretty much his whole life. His last episode with his old 650L really rung his bell and caused him to get rid of it. I beleive the episode to be mostly all bike.... ( too heavy, lack of suspension, maneuverability, etc...) #1) Did i steer him wrong with the X? #2) Will he more than likely be thrilled? #3) Immediate shock adjustment and/or revalve necessary? - My brother at 230lbs feels comfortable at stock settings ( so far ). I am 160 and it's perfect for me. I'm mainly concerned weather or not he'll be happy with it. please if you will, post up some comments or suggestions. It would be much appreciated. Thank you! P.S. We are not hard, fast riders. We only use the bikes for trail riding, with an occasional hall balls addredaline rush. lol