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  1. john petersen

    fuel screw

    Sounds good, I'll try that. Thanks
  2. john petersen

    fuel screw

    Thanks again for the response, I did make sure the pilot circuit was clear with a wire and was able to see light threw the circuit. I did this to both the jet and screw circuits. I also made sure the hot start was seated and the walls and valve were in good shape. I'm so lost on this one. I have been through many of these but can't get this one right.
  3. john petersen

    fuel screw

    Took the carb of and blew air threw all ports and jets. The hot start nut is in great shape as well as the boot from carb to motor. The fuel screw still needs to be out 3+ turns to run right. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks
  4. john petersen

    fuel screw

    thanks for the help, i will check the hot start nut and the carb boot. I did change the screw with the flex type and made sure the old oring was removed. I will report tomorrow on what i find. thanks again
  5. john petersen

    fuel screw

    i just opened the air box, removed the back fire screen and put on a full fmf system and Jetted the carb to the jd kit instructions. The valves are in spec and the bike ran good before all this. the problem im have is that my fuel screw has to be 4 turns out and it still pops and is alittle hard to start. I changed the pilot from 45 to 48 with no change, i then changed the pilot to a 50 and it runs ok with the screw 3 1/2 turns out. I cant believe that i need to go lager on the pilot. please help, im lost on this