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  1. XR_vexar

    Missing xr250 engine bolt specs help

    Oh right, year, durr . It's a '96. And thanks for that resource! Know of any similar sites based in the U.S. per chance??
  2. My engine is missing the circled valve cover bolt. From the manual I'm pretty sure it's an 8mm bolt. Does anyone know where to find specs on length and thread pitch? Is prefer not to have to pull the cover off to spec it out but might have to anyway if the reason it's missing cause someone stripped the threads or some such. Thanks y'all
  3. XR_vexar

    Heat sink madness!

    It's just a guard over the stock cap. I bought the bike from owner #2, who said owner #1 enduro raced it, so it's got lots of little odds ends and mods to that effect.
  4. XR_vexar

    Heat sink madness!

    Ah, thanks! Figured it was some sort of kit like this but wasn't hitting the right search terms to find it. As for running hot, two questions: 1. Running lean makes it run hot right? My airbox is opened up, white bros exhaust, dunno about exhaust header but I'm gonna guess welds are ground. Opened the carb and it's got an increased idle jet, but main jet is stock at 132. Figured this might be contributing to it dying out over 25% throttle, so I've got a 135 coming the mail (baby steps). Maybe this contributed to heat as well? 2. Should I be watching out for any lingering symptoms/or problems likely to crop up related to possible prior heat damage?
  5. XR_vexar

    Heat sink madness!

    New XR owner here. Bought this 1996 250 (280) not running, not knowing much about XR's at all, so I thought these crazy sinks were just part of the bike . Well, opened the carb and it looked like it was full of jello so I cleaned that out and she runs nice now on the low end, got some main jet tuning to do still. My question is, any ever seen huge heat sinks welded on air cooled bikes like this before? Anyone know how much it's actually likely to affect cooling, or is it just gonna burn my legs ? I've been searching around online and coming up hands empty for this being any kind of "normal" mod. Guess it won't overheat eh? There's even more of them in the other side where the exhaust isn't in the way.