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  1. Kritter811

    XR100R big bore kits?

    On to other questions. I have 2002 xr80r that I had bored out original cylinder because piston was rusted/locked down when I got it. Other than that it is absolutely stock. Can I put a 27mm carb like for the 100 on it to give a little extra power? Stock is 19 or 20mm
  2. Kritter811

    XR100R big bore kits?

    Thanks for the input on the clutch I have the plates and spring ordered.
  3. Kritter811

    XR100R big bore kits?

    Did y’all put stiffer clutch springs in?? Have xr80r with 110 kit 30mm carb cam etc. clutch slips a bunch
  4. Kritter811

    2001 CR125 runs then dies

    I guess your on your own lol
  5. Kritter811

    2001 CR125 runs then dies

    Okay have 2001 CR125 runs short time then dies. Spark plug is wet after it dies like it is loosing spark. Would not start when I bought it. Previous owner broke the stator and bike would not run. I replaced it with electrosports lighting Stator. What I have tried. All with same result 2 new spark plugs clean card and set float level new coil put stock thing that sit on top of fly wheel on this other Stator. can I put 2002 or 2003 CR125 complete electronics on it to see if will run? Or are they completely different? I know the maps are different. Any other years I could change it out with except 00. 01 and 00 are hard to find.