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  1. also if the pin is mving up and down does it mean that there is not enough tension on the cable?
  2. yes i mean the clutch is slipping. if you guys say that the splined rod can go up and down that's cool then, i was concerned that was coming out of the clutch. may be before the arm wasn't down all the way, ill post a picture anyway just to make sure. but when i adjust the lever it looks like i hve got some free play also the second adjustment the one on the actual cable is all scrwed in, may be i should try first to lose the arm unscrew the adjustment on the cable and then put the arm back at 90 degree. i need the bike to go to work, is it really bad if i use it anyway? it still push enough just not like before thank you
  3. Hi guys, i need help. i changed the cable clutch on my drz and stupidly not knowing how to do it i removed the little harm connected to the cable in the engine side.may be I shouldn't have done that, because now i think that's what is causing the loss of power on the bike. I probably put it back in the wrong position? do u think that's what's happening with the loss of power? it feels like is not engaging the clutch anymore Also the rolling pin connected to the little arm and the clutch moves up and down a couple of mm and i'm not sure if that is supposed to happen? When i moved it in first place i think that the top of the pin was flush with the arm but no 100% sure, and now the pin is out 5mm please help me thanks