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  1. Jazmeireo1

    Aftermarket levers

    Gytr levers for my 2015 fx
  2. Jazmeireo1

    YZ250FX height

    I'm 5"7 so I'm right there with ya. Really been thinking about the race link too. Kinda afraid the trail like with mess with the bike too much. I was just hoping it would be enough. Also everyone seems to go with the other more expensive brands for links. Devol. PR2 wondering if there's a reason for that
  3. Jazmeireo1

    My first motor rebuild, big bore, wide ratio yz 250

    I'm always amazed with people that do there own build like you did. Takes alot of knowledge and skill. Good work
  4. Jazmeireo1

    2017 350 XC-F precautions or problems

    Brand new bike. Shouldn't need to replace anything!
  5. Jazmeireo1

    YZ250FX height

    Let me know how it works out for u. how much it effects ur bike. If you like it, if you needed to change any springs. I've thought of doing the same
  6. Jazmeireo1

    YZ250FX height

    I'm 5"7 and have just gotten used to it. I do pretty well for the most part but I did buy the lower seat. I'm pretty much 1 foot on the peg and the other on my toes. Don't really need 2 feet on the ground. Rode yesterday where there was just a hair scramble. It had rained and was deep ruts. I was having trouble getting thrown around alot and was the only time I wish the bike was lower.
  7. Jazmeireo1

    Used price 250fx

    I was told by the dealer mine had 8 hrs. But was suspicious because the tires were wore down more than a bike that was taken out a few times. I'd like to have had a tuner to see what it really had on it. Plus it had full PR2 suspension on. So the guy basically bought the bike put alot of money into suspension rode it 3 times and sold. Do some people have too much money?
  8. Jazmeireo1

    2014 KTM 200 EXC - 135 hours - worries?

    Nice lookin bike
  9. Jazmeireo1

    Used price 250fx

    Good price. I paid 5500
  10. Jazmeireo1

    From crf450r to yz250f?

    Yeah u will be fine riding with the kids. I ride with my 8 year old all the time and never had a problem.
  11. Jazmeireo1

    From crf450r to yz250f?

    He's right. There's a 2012 at a dealer near me for 2800. Excellent condition. For sure that bike would be good for you.
  12. Jazmeireo1

    1983 yz250 hard to start hot

    It's for a friend at work. I will tell him to check out his carb and see what's on there and post it.
  13. Jazmeireo1

    1983 yz250 hard to start hot

    Just had top end rebuilt and the carb cleaned. Bike starts in a few kicks cold but once it's hot doesn't wanna start. Any ideas?
  14. Jazmeireo1

    1983 yz250 hard to start when hot

    Took the plug out
  15. Top end was rebuilt not too long ago. My buddy cleaned my carb and got it running real good. Bike starts up in a few kicks but after bike is running a while and is hot, I start having trouble getting it started. Any tips on what I should do to solve this problem would be helpful.