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  1. So that's really strange. Some people think that they know their stuff. Then some other which might know little more are coming in and ringing the bell. Why on earth I wrote this warning for Krannie? Do I have to gain something? I am located in Athens (the originall one....) so.... no. I did it as a friendly gesture. So Krannie.... Anodizing and cartridge finish on newer Sachs forks is no good. It goes away. This is well documented from Greece to Usa and to Australia. (round the world in 5 words....) Its your decision to see if this leads to more problems. I just felt that it would be good to warn you in case you have missed those threads in beta forums. Just FYI, new Sachs uppers are above 250 euros each in Europe. Check the Us price. And it looks that still you will get the same quality component. Have fun
  2. If I get, then its your turn