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  1. PenguinsCanFly

    2000 xr600

    Not sure which BD kit you have, but I have the old one with just the toggle switch. My switch failed recently, and it will no longer switch the light circuit, however the engine will run. I think it is possible that the switch is no longer doing its job, and fortunately checking electrical continuity across the switch should be easy.
  2. PenguinsCanFly

    Please identify this part

    I would vote handlebar insert for hand guards
  3. PenguinsCanFly

    FCR carb? XRsonly kit? Hotshot CDI? Checking stator?

    Pretty much any FCR MX from the 2000's will work. Between the airbox boot and the carb you will need an adapter of some kind. I used an adapter made by Noss, and many others have as well. From the carb outlet to the cylinder head, you may need to use an XR650L intake boot in order to angle the carb such that it doesn't interfere with the frame.
  4. PenguinsCanFly

    HondaXRL 650 with Cr500 forks

    I got a bracket from Warp 9 when I did my supermoto conversion on my XR600 with CRF250R forks. I couldn't find the relocation bracket by itself, so I emailed Warp 9. Give them a call/email and they will sell you just the bracket for your forks.
  5. PenguinsCanFly

    XR600R Upgrades

    I'm leaning towards the Sutton cycle works oil cooler kit, or making my own with a power steering pump cooler. I don't see an issue with using the cooler off a 400, but I would rather use a slightly larger cooler since I don't do much riding in cold temperatures where it may remove too much heat from the oil.
  6. PenguinsCanFly

    XR600R Upgrades

    I have USD forks as well, and I got them off an 06 CRF250R. A little on the soft side because of the extra weight of the XR vs the CRF250R, but they work great for trails and dual sporting. Not so great on a supermoto track (my bike does double duty). I got those forks from the same blown up 250R that I got my carb from. As others mentioned, the USD forks are also a huge improvement. If you want stiffer forks look for a set off a 450. I believe the fork springs are typically one step stiffer than the 250s, and there are probably minor valving differences as well. After doing both of these mods I really have no intentions of trying to make more power. I would only consider it if the bike needs a rebuild anyways. My next mod is likely an oil cooler.
  7. PenguinsCanFly

    XR600R Upgrades

    My favorite mod has been swapping the stock carb for an FCR MX pumper carb. It makes worlds of difference and can be found relatively cheap if you find someone parting out a blown up motocrosser. Takes a little more work than some other mods, but people have documented the process here, and I feel like it has been well worth it.
  8. PenguinsCanFly

    XR600 FCR MX Accelerator Pump Settings

    Finally cleaned the AP nozzle which was plugged (no wonder the bike always stumbled...), installed a Boyesen quickshot 3, and readjusted AP squirt timing. The bike absolutely rips now. I can go from 0-75% throttle with no stumble. 0-100% will give a slight stumble, but I will tune the leak jet size with the quickshot 3 to fix that. Strangely, I have the quickshot screw backed out to about 1.5 turns to get the best throttle response. Based on the equivalent leak jet sizing, that means that I am in the neighborhood of a 75 leak jet , and I was imagining that i would be nearly closed. At 1/4 turn out on the quickshot screw the bike dies when I twist the throttle, so there must be too much fuel getting in there. Either way, time to finally go riding again. Thanks for the advice fellas.
  9. PenguinsCanFly

    XR600 FCR MX Accelerator Pump Settings

    Looking for some additional carb advice. I was planning on doing a rebuild since my accelerator pump tuning session ended abruptly when my piggy died and didn't restart. I'm getting a nice spark when I kick the bike over when the plug is out, so the problem is fuel related. When I pulled the carb off to re-set the accelerator pump timing, I found out that the pump wasn't actually functioning at all. I filled the bowl with some carb cleaner and attempted to clear out the AP nozzle, but I managed to stupidly forget to drain all the liquid carb cleaner when I was finished. Now my diaphragm is completely toast and I need a replacement. Are there any better options than the OEM diaphram? I saw this: https://www.crfsonly.com/howto/keihin-fcr-carb/honda-crf-fcr-carb-update-how-to-install/how-to-install-honda-accelerator-pump-update-crf450r.php and was wondering if something similar would be better than the stock diaphragm? Since I'm ordering parts, I'm going to pick up a Boyesen quickshot 3 and a full seal kit as well to hopefully fix all my issues.
  10. PenguinsCanFly

    I want to replace my brake lines - any advice?

    SS brake lines will definitely show improvement if you are using the OEM lines. EBC have been good pads for the money in my opinion as a recreational supermoto track rider, and dual sporter. If you pony up some more $$ for Galfer organic pads, they will last a long time with minimal rotor wear for similar or slightly lower performance and heat tolerance. Probably not noticeable unless track riding or racing. It is unlikely that this needs to be done at this point, but since you will have everything drained and cleaned off anyways, you may consider replacing the seals and rubber components on the caliper. It is cheap and easy, and you won't have to mess with the caliper for a long while afterwards. The master cylinder will most likely not need anything, so don't worry about it unless a problem develops.
  11. PenguinsCanFly

    XR600 FCR MX Accelerator Pump Settings

    I was hoping there was a cheaper "fix" but it may come down to that. I've heard good things about that product
  12. PenguinsCanFly

    XR600 FCR MX Accelerator Pump Settings

    I wonder if the needle setting and regular jetting is contributing to the assumed "lean bog". I'll change the needle by a clip or two while leaving the AP setting the same and see if there is any difference in throttle response. You're completely right, and this is a little more difficult with no way to know if I'm overly rich or lean without an air/fuel gauge. There is a lot of good info regarding AP timing on the web, but I just wanted to confirm that I have the right jetting and setup for an XR600 since that is more scarce info to find.
  13. PenguinsCanFly

    XR600 FCR MX Accelerator Pump Settings

    Before I installed the carb originally I checked to make sure the timing was correct. I have been messing with the timing, but I can bring it back to the original setting since there is a witness mark. Thanks for the link. I'll have a look this afternoon. So, not enough fuel is getting sent through the AP? What size commonly works? I've heard that people solder a leak jet closed to get as much fuel delivery as possible through the AP. A 35 leak jet was the smallest I could find.
  14. Hi all, I'm trying to fine tune my '95 XR600 with a 40mm FCR MX off an'06 CRF250R. It idles great and responds well to steady throttle, but I'm having issues with the accelerator pump. If I crack the throttle quickly to ~1/4 it picks up fine, but anything more than that and the bike stumbles before revving. I am running an older Supertrapp race exhaust and my current jetting is: Main Jet 158 Idle Jet 45 Start Jet 68 (stock size) Pilot Air Jet 100 (stock size) Needle NCVT 5th clip down Leak Jet 35 I've experimented with 35 and 55 size leak jets and haven't noticed much difference. The 55 was marginally better but still had the same issue. I've tried the O ring mod which helped with small quick throttle openings, but still stumbled at anything more than a fast 1/2 throttle opening. I've played with the AP timing with and without the O ring mod, but nothing has shown much improvement. I want to get this set up to a point where the bike won't stumble and I can lift the front wheel at will. As of now, trying to lift the front in a controlled manner to get over obstacles is challenging to say the least. Any suggestions? Anyone have a setup that is totally dialed in?
  15. PenguinsCanFly

    Riders in St. George?

    I'm open to anything except tight singletrack and sand dunes. I could do them, but I wouldn't be bringing the right tool for the job. I heard there is some slick rock up at the top of sand hollow, but I haven't actually been able to check it out yet. Otherwise, I'm open to anything else in the area.