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  1. Good looking bikes. Mine is just waiting for new graphics and I'm done for a bit.
  2. Holes and lines were way off. I know how to apply them but nothing lined up. Terrible customer service also.
  3. I recently bought a new set of plastics from UFO and a graphics kit from MAXcross.... Needless to say the graphics look like crap because the alignment is terrible. I'm looking for recommendations on graphics that fit with UFO plastics. Also, was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere that install them as well? I figure there are a few people like myself that have been down this road several times and just wondered if someone had any good experiences with a certain company that will cut for certain plastics or even install. Thanks in advance. -Nick
  4. Oh I got ya. I thought you meant actual basket etc. I will check that when I get home. Thx
  5. The bike has 300 miles on it so I wouldn't hope that would be the case.
  6. Soooo. I'm having a weird problem now. My bike revs out real high when I put it at full throttle. Before you say anything, let me explain. Sounds like the bike is put in neutral and then I'm revving it in 5th. Instead of sounding like it's at like 3k and building up with my speed the rpm feels like it goes straight to 9k then speed comes decently fast. It's hard to explain, it feels like I'm driving an automatic and downshifting to a lower gear or overdrive to accelerate faster. Is this normal for this bike?
  7. Awesome! That makes me feel so much better. I was beating myself up because it ran awesome but exhaust made me think it was too rich. You made my day!
  8. I found that it ran the best with the bike at 1.5 turns on current set up. I thought the backfire was because of having too much raw fuel. I'll back it down that again and try it out.
  9. Sooo. I can't get this damn thing to tune. Even when I take the fuel screw down to bottomed out it still stays running for a bit and then even when I'm at half turn to 1 turn out it still pops with raw fuel. Someone said to put in the stock pilot jet when switching to a Keintech screw? I don't know what to do and I'm about to give up. This is starting to wear on me a little bit. Not gonna lie. I don't have anyone near me that is a reputable company to tune this thing because I'm about to that point to where I would pay someone. Please help?
  10. Got it all back together and it snapped in. The needle took a bit to get back in the hole. No matter what I did the needle didn't wanna sit straight but I guess it doesn't matter after it's set in the hole.... Seems like it is running better. I cut the 3x3 hole more accurately. It feels like it chugs as it is given half throttle... It still pops and crackles so I don't know what else to do.
  11. When I took the diaphragm out the main spring had somehow caught the small spring that you put above the needle. Like the plastic piece above came apart inside the diaphragm and the spring wound up getting tangled with the main spring. When I tried to press the white plastic piece back in the bottom of the diaphragm housing it makes the needle crooked. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. It is supposed to snap in the bottom of the diaphragm to keep it from coming apart, right? I have to take it apart again tomorrow.... To answer your question about the choke... I set my fuel screw then I made sure it would still run with the change choke on, just at higher idle. When it was too rich before it died when I did this and I was checking to make sure this wasn't the case this time.
  12. Hmm, I always read K&N were the best you could get? I've always ran K&N on anything I ever rode. Never had an ounce of trouble with them. I do notice that I need some type of gasket to make the filter a little more snug but other than that.... On another note: switched to the 3rd clip on blue needle and when I took it out the small spring from atop the needle was hung inside main spring... I went to Keintech fuel screw and got about 1.5 turns. More than this killed the bike with choke on.
  13. Thanks! Much appreciated. I'll let ya know of my progress as soon as I can tinker with it.
  14. Thanks, I'll give that a try. How many turns would the Keintech screw usually call for for correct Fuel mixture? To clarify, install Keintech and test with it changed to needle position 3? If it's still rich then I'll try red clip 3. Basically 4th clip shouldn't of been used at all then for my set up? Sorry I'm asking so much. I'm new to the tuning aspect as you can tell but I appreciate any help.
  15. Sorry, I edited the post. It's running too rich, bogs down and dies at low rpm and at stops. Runs good without air box lid on and starts up fine. Dies out if choke is added.