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  1. babbitt was the cheapest $381. with discount paid $325
  2. 08Z71-MKE-A00 kit showed up harness had to order that now
  3. I ended up getting the set-up for 325 without the battery n harness. So have to check and get the harness and battery now
  4. Why would both parts have the same part number?
  5. i called 3 different part "super stores" and non of them could tell me if it comes with the harness or not. but the last place i called they said it doesnt! so now i have to go back and get the harness still....
  6. Then the wire harness is the 08z70? Guessing the 08z71 comes with the harness already?
  7. This is the kit I ordered. 08Z71
  8. red and white are 2003 cr250s 2017 crf450
  9. any one do the electric start kit on the 17? i see two different part numbers for it 08Z70-MKE-A00 and 08Z71-MKE-A00? does the kit 08z71 come with the harness any everything else or do you have to buy both?
  10. Damn inflation
  11. anywhere on the innerweb to download it yet?
  12. Lol yeah I changed it. I ended up staying with Honda oil and filter
  13. fixed
  14. Great thanks. I got some black dirt stars with red dubya carbon fiber hubs to install now!
  15. Anyone know if the 2016/2015 crf450 rims and hubs fit the 2017