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  1. Just posted to classifieds a bunch of good stuff for XR650L. $1800 for the lot.
  2. Lowered gearing but no change. Very interesting regarding shock valving. Who revalved your shock?
  3. Looked into clutch baskets with better cush setup but no luck. Now checking into cush hubs. I know its not hurting anything but being as OCD as i am it bugs me while riding.
  4. Not chain slap. This particular 650l only has about 1000 mi on it so not clutch slot wear. This guy describes it better.
  5. When riding off road on terrain that lets the rear wheel lose and gain traction there is a mechanical stuttering or jerking in the motor. I think it is the clutch basket cush drive. It bugs me when riding rough off road aggressively. i am on my third 650l and they all have done it. Am I correct about the cush drive and is there anything that can be done to change this?
  6. Was wondering if you would pass on your fork and shock shim stack settings for the RaceTech valves?