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  1. Watch out for the heat generated by those higher out put bulbs. I put one in my 300 and it melted the housing unit and shorted out the bulb. Seems there is not enough cooling air at low speeds. If you are going to do a lot of night riding, spend the coin and get a head light assembly to handle the task.
  2. In addition to notching the fender, drill a small hole in each attach point then zip tie to the fender.
  3. Welcome to the world of dirt bikes! And it only gets worse from here.
  4. Tek Vest and forget the rest! Spend a little more for a lot of protection. The extra money spent will pay back huge dividens when it comes time to compare bruised ribs vs. broken ones. Don't ask how I know. Buy the best gear you can afford because the few dollars saved won't be worth the expense.
  5. Go to web bike world. They may have a test on it.
  6. I like the IMS because they have metal inserts for attachment and if you use a tank bag, the gas cap is centered on the IMS and offset on the Acerbis which makes mounting a little more difficult.
  7. Greetings, Has any one performed the usual mods; de smog, euro map, exhaust mod or fmf slip on, then installed a vortex? My 17 500 runs as it what I think it should with these mods complete. Since I have no access to another 500 with a vortex to compare it to, I was curious to see if the added coin was worth any performance gain above what is there now. Thanks.
  8. I went with a 14/48 so I could use the stock chain. I could see no reason to buy a new chain just for a gearing change since this bike has such a wide power spread that it works good on any mountain pass and single or two track out here and will still lets me cruise at the legal speed limit for trail connections.
  9. I went with 14/48 so I could use the stock chain. I saw no reason to replace it for a gearing change. The power available on this bike will allow for a wider range of gearing choices. Works good on single track and will still cruise good at 60-65 mph and will climb any pass out here in Colorado.
  10. I went with IMS. Works good, lasts a long time. I usually run a tank bag and with the IMS, the filler hole is centered which makes mounting much easier. The Acerbis is off set and makes mounting some what of a challenge.
  11. Another vote for the the Tek Vest.
  12. Tek Vest. If you bruise or break a rib in one of these, you got a much bigger problem to deal with. I tried/owned different chest protectors and none of them come close to one of these.
  13. I have the 140 Motoz DT and it works good with some trail connector road and a lot of mountain pass riding. I did have to trim the upper chain guard some but was a minor effort.
  14. Tek Vest all the way. I had both of those type of protectors and they pale in comparison, especially for rib protection. I have the free style and it vents good. Check out their line of vests for other selections on venting. I have bruised my ribs before, and I could not imagine broken ones because there is no fix. My Ogio vest fits over the Tek and seems to add another layer of protection. Adv. rider has a lot of reviews under equipment. Hope this helps.
  15. Head over to web bike world. They have tested a lot of helmets and give a pretty good review on all types of motorcycling equipment.