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  1. rairold

    Fork Seal Failure

    i have a 2007 Suzuki 450 the seals need replaced every ride and sometimes they leak just the travel to ride I tried msr seals and they lasted three rides so I think its the seals one single lip does not last on my bike
  2. rairold

    drz 400e

    hi my email is rairold21@hotmail.com
  3. rairold

    drz 400e

    is that available does it work and how much cost where do I get it
  4. rairold

    drz 400e

    are there any mods for a smaller or lighter oil tank return
  5. rairold

    drz 400e

    I could not find item on website for this spacer diver down
  6. rairold

    drz 400e

    any body removeing the speedo cable I put on a gps and was looking to remove the speedo cable and odometer what do you put in the wheel spacer to plug it or is there a wheel spacer that fits if you remove the plastic one
  7. rairold

    2007 klx 300r

    putting in new clutch stack height torqking the clutch hub nut down and the thing pops now the clutch shaft is free spin any one know what I broke and what it takes to fix
  8. rairold

    Starting issues klx 300 - not happy

    I have a 2007 klx 300 having trouble starting will not start if it dyes maybe wait a few minutes then starts or it will not start even after a half hour is it to hot 96 degress outside and cv carb
  9. rairold

    KLX 300 issues?

    i have a 2007 klx 300 the problem I am having is it does not start sometimes and if you are riding and it just stops and it will not fire for a few minutes or wont even start after half hour is it vapor lock or something temp about 96 degrees outside
  10. rairold

    Kick Starter

    I have a 2007 Suzuki rmz 450 I was looking for a different kick starter like maybe a little longer and wider at the foot the stock one sometimes smashes my foot in the peg and hurts any body know of different years or styles that will fit ive seen the older bikes with the newer style on them
  11. rairold

    SUMO Clutch kit

    I got one for my 2007 Suzuki rmz 450 but it takes two outer one inside and one outside the clutch pack I might just try all the plates are the same hope I don't get the clutch failer
  12. rairold

    SUMO Clutch kit

    I have not tried the sumo clutch kit cant figure out witch plates are the friction plates mine takes two and the kit is all the same are the just all the same and use
  13. rairold

    Sumo Brakes clutch kits (for going pro)

    I bought a sumo clutch kit but have not installed it yet cant find witch dics are the friction disc my kit should come with two the kit I got for two bikes all the discs look the same anybody use these before