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  1. scb41681

    Klx 125 shifter

    I recently bought 2004 klx125 for my niece. However there is lil problem with the shifter. Its kinda ghetto rigged. My question is, is there an aftermarket shifter so you dont have to use the rod assembly that comes on the bike stock. Thanks so much
  2. My oil cooling element for my 2000 big bear 400 has a crack in it. these things are so expensive to replace. This atv has sat for 15 years and there are a lot of expenses already in fixing it up. My question is, is there a way to fix it, weld, solder, ext. Do they make an epoxy. If you look at the pic you can see the pic at the bottom. Whats the best and easiest way to fix this. Please help
  3. scb41681

    Clutch lever hard to pull

    My clutch lever is hard to pull, i cleaned the cable but really didn't help. there are no kinks in the cable everything looks good. I didn't realize how hard it was until i rode my brothers yz250F, its like night and day. What will solve this, should i get a new cable. Will a new lever and perch help. thanks
  4. scb41681

    Clutch problem

    My crf250r clutch doesn't seem to engage, If i have the rear wheel off the ground and with clutch pulled in and switch to first gear the tire spins rapidly, if i hold the clutch in all the way to the bar it will eventually stop the wheel. Doesn't feel like the clutch is working correctly. I played with the free play and nothing seems to help. any ideas what i should do
  5. scb41681

    2016 Flywheel weight: Can't find anything

    Did you have time to test out the new clutch basket? I am in the same boat as you. Want flywheel but really no options. If you can let me know how it worked out for you that would be great
  6. scb41681

    Fmf 4.1 exhaust

    Anyone tried the fmf 4.1 exhaust system for crf250r. I have to buy spark arrestors ao i can take my bike to certain places. Sonce this bike has dual exhaust the spark arrestors cost almost $300. So im wondering if it makes more sense to get an exhaust with them in there for $600
  7. scb41681

    Heavy flywheels, yay or nay?

    First of all, thank you for the response. I have a 2016 crf 250r. My experience level is medium. I use to ride when i was younger but i an 35 now and this sport doesnt come as easy as it use to for me. I just bought the bike a few months ago so other than a few little things it is mostly stock. The bike is great and the only complaint i have is stalling at low rpms. Its something i would get use to and eventually would solve but id just like to make things a little easier on myself. I live in ct so riding conditions are mostly thick woods, hard pack and rock. The only flywheel made for this bime is 5oz. Im really just wondering how much of a difference 5oz will make in solving my issue. Again thanks for your help
  8. scb41681

    2016 Flywheel weight: Can't find anything

    Did you ever have any lick with a flywheel for your bike. I am in the same boat as you. Ive been debating on sending my fw to steahly and have them epoxy the weight on. The only thing is i do t know if 5oz is worth it. When i spoke to steahly they said it will work and the cover would need a piece grinder off. Let me know if you had any luck. Thanks
  9. scb41681

    Heavy flywheels, yay or nay?

    The heaviest is 5oz. This is pic of the only one made for it. It mounts around the flywheel rather than on the face like some do. Do you think this will make a noticable difference or is it not worth the $160.
  10. scb41681

    Heavy flywheels, yay or nay?

    Thanks for the response. How much of difference did fw make on your bike? I got this bike cause ot had 10 hour and is mint. It was such good deal couldnt pass but its nightmare on trails at low rpm
  11. scb41681

    Heavy flywheels, yay or nay?

    "They" are steahly. Thanks for reply. 5oz just doesnt seem like much of a flyweight. Ive seen other companies that offer heavy clutch basket to take place of adding flywheel weight. Do you have any experience with weights? How heavy? How do you think a 5oz weight will do? Thanks
  12. scb41681

    Heavy flywheels, yay or nay?

    I have 2016 crf250r. I strugglw with low speed technicals and keep stalling. The only flywheel is a 5oz for this bike and im not sure if it will do anything. They also make a heavy clutch basket which they say does same thing as flywheel weight. What weight is yours. How much of a difference did it make
  13. scb41681

    Clutch basket

    Has anyone tried a heavier clutch basket to take place of a flywheel weight. Steahly makes one i was thinking about. I have crf250r and i struggle with stalling during slow technicals. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  14. scb41681

    2016 crf250r flywheel

    Does anyone know if a flywheel is comig for the 2016 crf250r. I hear steahlys 2015 model will work. Its only 5oz. Has anyone tried it and see if it fits. How much of a difference will 5 oz make at low rpm. Thanks