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    2009 CRF250R Timing Issues

    Could you explain a little more? I have looked down through the head to view the chain on the crank and it appears to be centered on the gear. I did release the tensioner and then turn it counterclockwise from the position it settled into and it brought the cam closer but not perfect. I have done 20+ timing belts on cars and everything but build a tranny on a vehicle but this is stumping me.
  2. trimbach1

    2009 CRF250R Timing Issues

    I relieved the tension with a screw driver, then locked it in place. When I let it back out I turned it counter closckwise until it stopped. I have misplaced the bolt that goes in the end will that make a difference> I cannot get the cam lines parallel with the head no matter what marks I use. the closest I have gotten with the cam parallel was about a 1/4" right of the right most mark on the flywheel side (TDC mark from what your saying). whats weird is I lined everything up during disassembly and the marks were all lined up, disassembled it now they wont line up. Is there a procedure for releasing the timing tensioner? I looked down into the head and the chain is on the crank how it should be as far as I can tell.
  3. trimbach1

    2009 CRF250R Timing Issues

    I have a 2009 CRF250R I got in a trade. The bike didn't run because the intake valves were shot. I sent the head to advanced manufacturing and they rebuilt the head, installed new SS valves, and set the valve lash on it. I assembled the bike today and cannot get it to start. I never personally heard the bike run but the PO guaranteed me it ran. I have about $1200 total in it so far with the new head and they sell for around $3000-3500 where Im at so I took the gamble. The issue I'm running into here is when I time the engine the cam gear marks are 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch off. I have the right side mark lined up, the flywheel mark on the left side is in the window, but the cam is slightly off. If I advance the cam 1 tooth its way off, if I retard the cam 1 tooth its way off. I have been kicking my brains out hoping it will start but it I only get a backfire every 5-10 kicks. Safe to assume I need a new timing chain or is there something else I am missing? I am a John Deere tech and work on small engines in JD tractors for a living but they are a different animal. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Justin