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    04' CRF250x Hot start

    Thank you gentlemen. Much appreciated. This was really bugging me because my instinct was telling me it should die, but when you see videos of supposedly professionals telling you otherwise, it kinda messes with you.. Yes when it's warmed up. If I barley pull the hot start in it will rev just slightly, then it'll die..
  2. Byeager52

    04' CRF250x Hot start

    I've done some research and can't find much, but I was curious to know. And I apologize if this has been talked about before. If you pull your hot start in while idling should the bike rev up or die? I've only seen a few videos that I could find on YouTube that show bikes rev up. And they say that's how to tell if you're properly tuned and jetted. Well my bike dies when I pull it in. I should be properly jetted accordingly to the JD jet kit. It seems to run smooth and great. With the exception to the hot start. Now if I turn my fuel screw out more then 3 turns I can get it to rev up, but then the idle hangs and runs crappy. I'm running a 155 main and a 45 pilot.. Thank you any info would help.
  3. Byeager52

    Help with jetting please!!!

    I appreciate everything. Sorry I just got the app today. I'm still trying to figure out how it works.
  4. Hello, I have a 2004 Crf250x I bought used from Colorado. and I live in Casper Wy. As far as I can tell no mods, except the cut air box. I also am assuming I'm running stock jetting 130# 40# or 42#.. my problem is it runs great as long as I'm 3 or 4 turns out on my adjustment screw. To where it almost and will fall out if I was to ride. What size jets should I be running here? And what kit/jet numbers should I go with? Thank you in advance to everyone!