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  1. simon1

    Hi all.

    Thanks Greg...that DS7 looks like mine...except the paint job on mine is not as good now. And I'm starting to get all over the map again now that I'm ready to buy. Do I want a dual purpose that I can ride on the road or a light off road one I can use as a pasture toy and be easy to load in the back of a truck? I like two strokes (had a Cow Mach III that was a little crotch rocket, but the fastest I've been on land has been a Cow KZ1000 at 140 mph) and a Hodaka Super Rat was fun, but there is no KTM dealer around here. I'm thinking I need to keep it to Honda, Yamerhammer, Suzuki, or Kawasaki for local service. Now I'm leaning towards a Yamaha YZ250X two stroke for a toy but they seem a little high in price. My mind tells me I can still have fun, but the first time I wax out on a jump or a turn my body will tell me if I'm right. Sometimes I miss the old bikes I used to ride or see or have...Mach III, KZ1000, Triumph 650, Maico 501, Bighorn 350, etc. Sigh.
  2. simon1

    Hi all.

    Stock on the 400s is 14/44 and the 400sm is 15/41, correct? The road from here to S.E. Okla. is a 2 lane for about 25 miles or so with the speed limit of 60 so that shouldn't be too bad. There is also an MX track they built here a few years ago that's about 12 miles on a 55 mph 2 lane then about 5 miles on a 70 mph 4 lane...but I looked at their website today and saw that they had closed the track down and had put it up for sale. I'll have to go by there and see if it has sold and is open any now. Bummer. If I wanted to go any further it wouldn't be hard to load it up in the bed of my truck, but mostly the riding will probably be in my pasture that has 3 or 4 mima mounds, and one which apparently collapsed and made a pretty big dip that should be fun, and a dip where overflow water from the little bit higher ground runs down to my pond, and about an acre or two of trees scattered over the 11 acres. Dang...now I'm thinking about what I could do to the pasture to make a nice little playground. I played around with the sprockets on the other bikes I've had but I guess I need to see how the 400 acts stock. Speaking of my other bikes...I still have my old Yamaha DS7, but it has carb. problems and no one around here can or wants to work on it...say they can't get parts but that was about 20 years ago. And then the amazing internet came along...I looked for parts today and found a bunch at Chaparral Motorsports. I may have to take it to Dallas to get anyone I would trust to work on it and do what needs to be done to get it mechanically restored. http://oemparts.chaparral-racing.com/oemparts/l/yam/500415f9f8700209bc784595/1972-ds7-parts
  3. simon1

    Hi all.

    Thanks guys. I'm right at a 30 inch inseam, but I've ridden the taller bikes where I'd have to lean 'em over a bit at a stoplight. The local dealership is supposed to have one in stock so I might go by there and check it out. I saw in some of the reviews that it was recommended to change the seat, tires, do an airbox mod. and jet, radiator guard, etc. I'll have to ask the dealership what I could do to it without voiding the warranty. I was wondering how it would do in the 65-70 mph range. I saw several places that said with the gearing and 5 speed it wasn't the greatest. I took my old Yamaha DS7 250 on a few 60 mile or so trips many years ago...when I got off the thing my arms felt like they had had ahold of a paint shaker.
  4. simon1

    Hi all.

    New here. I was looking at the DR-Z400S bike reviews and youtube clips and saw this forum mentioned. I had been thinking about getting another scooter for a few years but just now about ready to get one. I was thinking about a little 250 that would be light enough to play around in my about 11 acre pasture yet big enough to ride the 20 miles or so into town or the 50-60 miles to S.E. Oklahoma to play around. Then I came across the DR-Z400S that looks like it's the same weight as the Honda CRF250L. Looks like the Suzuki may be a good choice for what I'm wanting. Any advise?