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  1. Kawasaki_kxRider

    Honda 2 stroke talk

    it gives a wider rev before it revs out?
  2. Kawasaki_kxRider

    Honda 2 stroke talk

    Thank you, really helps, I know more about the motor than I do with the gearing
  3. Kawasaki_kxRider

    Honda 2 stroke talk

    Would anyone know the best gearing for desert, long ranges, I have 13/49 and I feel I can go faster, anyone know what I should use for more top speed?
  4. Kawasaki_kxRider

    Kawasaki conversions

    I race desert, and I know the higher amount of teath in the front makes it go a bit faster, so wondering if I can make it fit for that higher amount of speed
  5. Kawasaki_kxRider

    Kawasaki conversions

    Hi guys, I am trading my 250f for a 125, and wondering since Kx125's sprockets only go to 13, is there a way you can put a kx250f 14 tooth sprocket on a kx125? or does it not fit?