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    02 xr250 street legal questions

    notoriousE-R-I-C Thank you so much. So it looks like I do have to have 2 inspections. 1 at a shop near my house in order to get my "ticket" and the other at the MVA. Ok, that's fine. do you know if the tusk dual sport kit allows for the light to be on even when the bike is running? Did you build your own kit?. Sorry for all the questions. My "plan" is to get what i need to get it on the road then have some fun from there. I am on a bit of a budget ( I'm in college and have a son in day care $$$) so tags is more of a priority before a bad ass led set up.
  2. Brandon Rowe

    02 xr250 street legal questions

    First off, thanks for taking the time to look at this topic. I have been going crazy trying to figure out how to make my xr 250 street legal. I know I know there are a million topics, websites and places to find this info. I have looked at 99% of them. There are a just a few specific things I can't find or still need some help on before I can get my tags in Maryland. Recently there has been some law changes ( http://www.mva.maryland.gov/_resources/docs/Interactive-Title-and-Registration-Manual.pdf ) look at page 131 !! These laws are in place for a reason: So after seeing this most would understand why Maryland is not too keen on having "dirt bikes" on the road. So my list of questions is as followed: 1. I have a title, My step father is the original owner and has signed the title over to me. The title is labeled MC, this is considered an off road motorcycle. Am able to go through the proper paperwork to make my bike legal? 2. If I can even make it legal I know I need to get an inspection, that's fine. All I can find from the MVA is a list of stuff they will look at. The list is simply : • Steering system • Frame • Brake system • Wheels / tires • Fuel system • Exhaust system • Lights • Electrical system • Mirrors • Windshield • Passenger items (hand hold and foot rest) • Body items (seat, engine mounts, stand, chain and guard, fenders) • Speedometer / odometer I don't have nor want a windshield or passenger stuff ( isn't that bike meant for a single rider anyway??), am I going to be OK without or do I need? And how specific are they on certain items. When it says lights I know i need a high and low beam and indicator, brake, turns, but that's about it. Am I missing anything more specific? 3. Every street bike I have owned or rode had a neutral indicator light on the control panel, will I need one also? If so I have not seen a single thing about that item. 4. Is a trail tech spedo ok or does it need to be some stupid hard wire thing? I think that's about it, any more info you have to offer would be awesome and would love to get to know some riders in the Harford County region to ride with. Thanks so much.