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  1. Matchu15

    06 yz450f won't run

    Everything seems to be working fine. Only thing that I didn't check was my cap..... go back offshore in the A.M. I will try that when I get back in.preciate all the help
  2. Matchu15

    06 yz450f won't run

    Maybe I should go up to the next main?
  3. Matchu15

    06 yz450f won't run

    I have the one out of the fmf power up and I did everything it said. Added the 160 main and went down to the 4th slot on needle. I started my mixture screw at 1.5 turns out. And I had adjusted it a quarter at time so now I'm roughly about 2 turns out. Like I said once I adjusted it it idled fine and had a nice crisp sound with good throttle response
  4. Matchu15

    06 yz450f won't run

    Yea was able to get it tight and the plunger does sit at the bottom until it is pulled then it slides back down. I am ordering a new aluminum cap for it
  5. Matchu15

    06 yz450f won't run

    Intake is .004 to .006 Exhuast is .008 to .010
  6. Matchu15

    06 yz450f won't run

    .009 on exhuast and.006 on intake. Checked timing again had to go up a tooth on exhuast.now while it's cold It will crank and idle.revved it up and it was nice and crisp. Died 2 min later and wouldn't crank.cooled off fired right back up. Held the gas constant for a min. Started popping a little and header got rlly red so I'm guessing it is a little lean. I'm also starting to think it has something to do with electrical now
  7. Matchu15

    06 yz450f won't run

    When I got the bike we got it to run for maybe 15 min. It was pretty cold.tried it the next day while it was warmer and it was a no go. Didn't find out that the water pump seal was bad until I looked it over and realized there was no water,added water then it started coming out the weap hole.
  8. Matchu15

    Ran hot.not cranks for a second

    Didn't think this one posted because it exited out.my b
  9. Matchu15

    06 yz450f won't run

    Went up to a 160 main and 4 slots down on the needle as recommended in the power up kit. Had to reshim it because valves were way too tight. The bike would idle smooth when it did run but then it would die.had to replace water pump seal and now it's good to go. It's just keeping it running.
  10. Matchu15

    06 yz450f won't run

    Trade a atv for this bike and come to find out water pump seal was bad.replaced it and filled it back up. Cleaned carb and rejetted it, put new airfilter,spark plug and reshimmed it and put it back in time. Runs every now and then for a few seconds and dies. Noticed that the hot start cap is stripped and was just sitting in there but would that cuase it to run like that.out of ideas and tired of wasting money.need help
  11. Reshimmed it. In time,new plug,cleaned carb and installed jet kit,new airfilter,and water pump seal. Cranks every now and then but only for a few seconds. Can't figure it out for nothing and tired of wasting money.hkt start cap is stripped but I wouldn't think that would cuase it not to run at all
  12. Matchu15

    06 yz450f troubleshooting help

    My is doing the same thing. Has new shims,air filter jet kit, and in time.carb is clean nothing clogged. Hot start cap is stripped but wouldn't see that chasing it to start every now and then and idle for few seconds would it? Water pump seal was bad and replaced it. Everything is smooth but still can't figure it out.