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    Aftermarket headlight options

    Hi all, Just wondering what people have done to upgrade the stock unit, besides putting a light bar etc on? Some posts I’ve seen people adapt the ktm led one but I’m skeptical on using one. Cheers
  2. motomaniac22

    Show us your Sherco motorcycle!

    2016 450 SEF-R Six Days, definitely about x100k better than my Real 'E' DRZ!
  3. motomaniac22

    Newer sherco blinker problems

    Hi all, Just wondering what you guys do for blinker mounts for the newer models, I don't use the ADR mud guard because it's way to long [emoji23] I keep on melting my blinkers due to the exhaust position. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  4. motomaniac22

    Let's see pics of your exotic bikes

    2016 Sherco 450 sef-r Six Days. Bloody awesome bike, definitely a better upgrade from a drz400!
  5. motomaniac22

    Sherco 450 sef-r 6 Days

    Cheers mate, I'll have a look
  6. motomaniac22

    Sherco 450 sef-r 6 Days

    Hi all, I recently bought a 6 Days 450 and was trying to change the wiring loom over to the street legal one, the dealer said that the instructions were in the box of bits that came with it but there wasn't anything. Would anyone here know where I could find said instructions? Cheers Pics for anyone interested