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  1. Local dealer should have one. If you want to order online try Rocky Mountain or KTM-Parts.com
  2. Sounds like you have bad o rings and need a slave cylinder rebuild kit. I don't think they are very expensive maybe $40. Someone else may have an idea but if you are back bleeding with the slave on and it's leaking, it needs a rebuild.
  3. P3 Carbon fiber (orange) on 2014 KTM 300xc
  4. If you are confident in your ability Heli coil is the way to go. There is 100% enough room to go to 7mm but remember you will have to drill out the cover as well as you said earlier.
  5. You could drill a little deeper in the case and re thread it but you will have to find a longer bolt. I think it's 6mm Be careful not to drill too deep. You don't need a ton of thread for the small amount of torque on those. This isn't the best fix but it is quick and cheap.
  6. P3 Carbon If you are willing to spend the money its hands down best on the market.