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  1. It deff makes the bike lean....because when i bought my 2000 wr400f i was missing multiple carb parts. I got them all except the hot start pull nob. So i blocked it off with a simple brass plug. This made the bike so lean that i had to go up 14 points on my pilot and main jets for it to run properly.still isnt quite proper but it runs smooth enough. Going to get the nob today and go back to stock jetting.
  2. tater1994

    Lets see The Rm's

    Traded my bronco for my 97. And she was ragged out. Completely rebuilt it. Everything except the engine case and frame basically. Having trouble getting the dam thing jetted. Waiting on my midbody carb gasket. Full pro circuit exhaust and v force3 reeds. Its wayyyyy to rich with a 170 main and a 42 pilot
  3. Its the keihn 38mm. The pwk38 somthing . #7 slide. Stock needle. And the jets are as said above. I set the float alot richer. Almost level to the carb body. Almost. And its wayyyyy to rich now. Im going to try and go really lean next i guess
  4. The float seems to be set real low. Like it will be low on the bowl on the point of cantact with the needle seat. Do you know where it should be set? Flush with the carb? Also it does not like to idle. To get it to adle while its hot i have to run the curb idle screw alllll the way in. Yet when its cold and i fire it up i have to run it wayyy out intil it warms up
  5. Hey guys. A few months ago i bought a ragged out 97 rm250. Cylinder was gone and crank side to side play was TERRIBLE.plastics where trash seat everything pretty much. So i COMPLETELY rebuilt her. New crank. New stock size wiesco topend. Had cylinder plated and hatched. Put v force reeds on it and new pro circuit platinum exhaust with new pro circuit 304 factory sound silencer. She runs like a raped ape on crack..BUT its runnin rich as hell and hard to start. About 6 to 7 kicks sometimes. I jetted it to pro circuit chart and was rich. So i got my stock needle at the leanest postition. Got a 42 pilot in it and a 170 main. Also. The v force reeds had a gap in them. I could see light through them..i didnt think i was supposed to see that on a set of BRAND NEW 160 dollar reeds. My elevation is about 1000 feet asl. What should my jetting be? Im mixing at 40:1 on 87 octane. Using the br8es plugs i Believe they are called. Ngk. And i tightened my gap a bit as well. She should fire one kick with all that compression. Anyone can tell me where my jetting should be? Would be much appreciated...i mean..its better rich than lean..but im still lookin for that cardboard color on my plugs when im stuck with charcoal atm. Thanks in advance.
  6. tater1994

    2000 wr400 cam chain guide

    I am trying to change my cam chain. I CANNOT get the dam front cam chain guide out...looks like the head has to come off. Looks like it is pinched between the head and cylinder. If so. Can i reuse the head gasket? I have never reused them before. But in thus case i dont want to waiit on another...thanks in advanced
  7. tater1994

    WR400: Engine rebuild cost/ Engine swap?

    Yea right i got my 2k wr400 for 700 bucks. Needed a float and float needle and seat. Has been a really strong and fun bike. Just ordered a cam chain because it has recently started a top end knock at mid to high rpm and really under a load or bogging it. Hopefully its the timing chain...idk ill see i guess
  8. hey guy's. a couple weeks ago i traded a ford bronco for a 97 rm250. the guy said it had been rebuilt about 4 month prior. well i tore it down the other day because it was REALLY hard to start after riding and stalling or killing it. on cold start shed fire RIGHT UP. when i tore it down i found that the cylinder was scratched up pretty good and a few feelable grooves. and there was a piece missing from just above the intake port that looked like he had tried to dremmel tool it back smooth...fail. threw off port timing. im going to send the cylinder off to get re dipped. the piston was toast as well. i orderd a weisco top end rebuild and complete gasket and seal kit. and a ton of other parts.. but my brother checked the clearances on my rod and crank. and he says its close to 7mm out.. i have found a complete crank and rod that came out of a 2000 rm250. the guy says it should fit a 97 rm250. is there anyone here that can confirm this before i spend another $200 on a paper weight? i hate that i even have to get a crank....because my bronco was worth more than this bike even IF this bike was in good condition..pretty much learned you cannot trust people.. but please any info on that crank AS SOON AS POSSIBLE would be so great. as i want to get it ordered ASAP if it will work. thanks so much
  9. tater1994

    2000 wr400 no start

    well i got it running. got it dead in timing. made sure my jets were all proper. made sure i have no air leaks. and the idle hangs. it SOOOO aggrivating. but i belive i know the problem. BECAUSE i bought a used carborator supposedly off of a 2014 yz450. ALMOST everything is the same except the "2014" doesnt have the side "diaphram thing" that looks like a eccelerator pump. and there are two jets on the air intake side of the carb that regulate the air intake. on my stock carb it has two replaceable "removable" jets there. the carb i have on it only has ONE removable jet there even though it has two holes. one of the holes "right side" is just a set diameter. which is WAYYYY bigger than my stock carb with a small jet inside the same hole. so i am PRAYING that the carb rebuild kit i purchased, along with the Bowl, floats,and top cover from the other carb. will fix my stock carb...i can't wait until it get's here because i am SO SO SO anxious to get this baby running right. i just wanna be able to BLIP the FU*#@NG THROTTLE AND HAVE IT NOT HANG!! ....please pray for me lol. THANK YOU FOR THE REPLIES!
  10. Hey guys. I bought this 400 a week or so ago. And just got it runnin today. It will idle and everything. It took me ALOT of heartache to get this far lol. I STILL have to roll it off to start it. But it will fire up after like 4 inches. In 3rd. But if i fly through the gears the throttle hangd inbetween. It wont drop like its sapposed to. And in neutral on the kickstand it will idle fine. But if i twist the throttle one good time, it will hang for a couple of seconds. Then it will drop. Its driving me crazy!! Plz any advice. Thanks. i have a 165 main jet. A 45 air idle jet. The one with little holes. And i have the stock needle on the third notch down from top
  11. tater1994

    2000 wr400f cam timing

    I know this has probably been over a hundred times. But im at wits end. Does anyone know the STOCK timing for a 2000 wr400f? Right now i got it at intake came is at 9 12 and 3. And i got the exhaust cam retarded (clockwise) one link for the yz time? Is this right for a 2000? Ive heard that the 2000 wr400 the stock time was one of the cams retatded one link? Idk..it wont crank for nothin..it ran the other night for 20 min perfect. And hasnt since. Bowl keeps overflowing. Ive adjusted the float and tried to blow through the inlet with the float shut and it was sealed...its getting spark. Seems to have great compression. ..idk WTF else it could be! !??? Im at my wits end with this bike...
  12. tater1994

    2000 wr400 no start

    Hey. I recently bought a 2000 Wr400 that hadnt run in a number of years and needed a carb.i got a used carb. For a 250 but i put all the stock 400 jets inside and needle. My brother got er fired up last night. She ran good. Next morning fired up one kick and idled good for 15min until he put a finger over one of the nipples on the carb and she shut off. We havent gotten her to fire since. Pretty sure the plug is fouled because it floods. But my main question is without using the compression release am i sapoosed to be able to kick start? Because i can push on the kicker and it stops and wont go anymore "compression". But if i stand on it. It will slowly go on by the compression stroke and allow me to get a full kick. Is this saooosed to be possible without using the compression release?. I can kind of hear a ssssss somewhere in or around the head when i do it to. Remember it did crank and idle and rev just fine. Im just curious. Thanks so much
  13. where do you measure it at? i measured the outside diameter strait across on the carb i have. engine side. and it was 47mm. or 1 inch 7/8 im not sure where to measure it at
  14. hey guys. i have a chance to get a wr250f carb. my 2000 wr400f needs a carb. and the carb looks the exact same as the junk one i have. is it possible to make the 250 carb work for my 400? can i just swap the jets? thanks alot
  15. how much would they charge to rebuild it. it needs some parts as you can see. the bowl and the bottom little plate on the bowl is ruint