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  1. There called continental tkc80s.. 40% on road %60 off road.. i use them like 10% offroad tho.. i like em
  2. Oh and also i just installed a rsc clutch its well worth it.. 50% easier to pull!
  3. Yeah hitting the limiter for 2 long without load cant be healthy haha
  4. Pre designd lol i wish i could get custom graphics
  5. Kungfu graphics on ebay
  6. Heres my 2017 SM
  7. Post up a vid of a burnout on your supermoto.. heres what happens when i get bord at home.. full up the garage with smoke and get the neighbours calling the firetruck haha
  8. But after this burnout thisafternoon there a little less hahaha
  9. There tkc80 twinduro tyres and they do really well.. google tkc80s and watch some reviews to get a good idea
  10. So far yup.. i put them on for half road half adventureing around offroad finding cool shit lol. There called twinduros.. tkc80s
  11. I clean it after every ride lol
  12. Yup im doing up my sm. Jet it and do airbox.. much faster.. heres mine so far
  13. Tkc80s on my drz400sm.. there 80%-20%